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April 23, 2018

Fabrik Projects exhibition preparations

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Alternative CrossingAlternative Crossing (Middle Ground) 2017 copyright Douglas Stockdale

With the pending exhibition at Fabrik Project next month quickly coming up fast, there are a bunch of things that I need to do to prepare for this.

I guess it never fails; I have the web-images for the project prepared and then the gallery would like these in another format and size. Not really a big deal, but it just takes some time to open the files to resize and format, which has been completed and sent to the gallery last Friday.

Now that the final edit of the book is completed I needed to update my web site for Middle Ground, deleting images that did not make the cut and up-loading new images that did. As well as replacing a few images that required some additional tweaks. Likewise I also need to reorder the sequence of the images on the web site to provide more alignment and become more in sync with the book’s interior. I completed this small web-site task earlier today and as well as updating my on-line CV with the recent LACP Faculty group exhibition and my book talk at the Palos Verdes Art Center.

Last was printing one of my Middle Ground images at 42 x 52″, a new larger size for me. I will have to admit that this photograph looks amazing and thinking back, not sure why I did not make larger prints like this sooner. When I was doing the project review at the gallery, I had brought with me a 30 x 40″ c-print, and he thought it looked great and that going to 40 x 50″ should look fine. He was correct. So the print is at the custom framer and it should be ready in plenty of time for the May 5th opening.

So now I have most of the print and information to the gallery, I need to re-focus on finishing the leporello book. The goal is to have at least the final book proof available on May 5th if I do not have any final copies bound. As a result of the publication schedule being moved up for this exhibition opening, this precludes the chance to do a 30 day Kickstarter project. I was on the fence about doing a Kickstarter project anyhow, so maybe another book project at another time. This book production is going to be tight. sigh.

Nevertheless, it’s all good!




April 18, 2018

Exhibition News; Douglas Stockdale at Fabrik Projects

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Surveillance (Middle Ground project) 2017 copyright Douglas Stockdale

I am really excited to announce the exhibition of my project Middle Ground at Fabrik Projects, an LA gallery located near Culver City.

Exhibition dates: Saturday, May 5th thru Saturday, June 2nd, 2018

Artist reception: Saturday, May 12th, 2018

Location: Fabrik Projects, 2636 S. La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034

We are also planning for the artist book launch of Middle Ground in conjunction with this exhibition, more details on the book’s availability to follow shortly. Yes, there are some interesting developments about the publication of my artist book as well. and it’s all good.

This is a two-person exhibition in conjunction with the Spanish/Australian multi-media artist Alberto Sanchez. Meanwhile, it’s a bit crazy here in the studio with all of the things that I need to prepare for this exhibition, but in a very good way.

So if you on the left coast on May 12th, I hope you can join me during the artist reception.


March 31, 2018

Canon 5D Mark 3 – Flange back repair (again)

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10-17-16 detail KI6A3918

Bottom left corner detail 2016 copyright Douglas Stockdale

I recently left my Canon 5D Mark 3 body at the Canon Service center in Costa Mesa for repair of the “flange back”, which the camera technicians stated was the reason for my latest series of crappy-corner images. Latest, in as this is the same image issue I had with my earlier Canon 5D (the original 5D).

The image issue is that that apparently something tweaks the “flange back” interface on the camera body, the interfaces with the camera lens mount, in such a manner that the sensor plane is out of alignment with the lens focus point. The image artifact, photo above, is a slightly soft out of focus region within the image capture. Regretfully, this is a really small area on an 8 x10″ image and for me, not noticeable until you decide to make 16 x 20″ prints, and especially when you make 30 x 40″ prints.

The Canon camera tech tells me that I must have dropped the camera (nope, did not do this), use a really big lens (rarely use my 70-200mm L lens) as I almost exclusively have the 24-105 mm L lens on the 5Dmk3, or maybe just a lot of weight by a lens on the camera over time. Okay, so for the later, I carry the 24-105 mm L lens on my 5DMk3 for long duration’s on my shoulder as I walk-about. Now the 24-105 mm L lens is the “kit” lens that Canon likes to sell/push for the Canon 5D series bodies. So what I am to understand, the 5D series of bodies is not designed or built to carry their kit lens for long durations. WTF!

Oh yes, this is not a warranty issue, so this little repair is costing me 219 bucks. Canon wants me to bring in the 24-105 lens to make sure it’s not tweaked either. For the earlier fix of my Canon 5D, there were other shutter issues as well, so Canon replaced the shutter and adjusted the flange back that time under warranty; no cost to me. But NOT this time; I am guessing from their perspective I must have done something wrong. I am now guessing that Canon sees a lot of these flange back issues (first thing that the tech stated could be the problem).

Reminds me of the commercial of the car needing repair regarding the insure company; maybe I have the wrong camera system. Mind you, I have been using Canon camera equipment for over 30 years, but this is more than two strikes as I have a ton of crappy corner images to show for it, both from my Ciociaria project (2 and half years back and forth to Italy, 3,500 + images, with the 5D), and now the Middle Ground project, as I find this corner issue going back to October 2016 for a project that I thought is complete (a year and half of work, 2,000 + images) and currently working with a printer to self-publish a photobook in the next couple of months. Again; WTF!!

I have not seen any alerts from Canon to be watching for this issue with this camera body and lens combination (have you??). Second, this defect is not something I notice until I make some big enlargements and I do not create these until later in the project development. The sample photo with this post is a big enlargement of the corner and even then, not really apparent. So if I stay with Canon, I am assuming that they expect me to continually monitor the corners to ensure that their crappy designed camera is still okay to use. Also assumes that once Canon fixes this, it’s permanent fix, but now I am doubting that; so if I keep this rig, I need to be constantly monitoring my photos for potential camera equipment defects. I would rather be concerned about the image composition and lighting, not crummy photo equipment.

So I am taking inventory of all of my Canon equipment and accessories and evaluating some alternatives, like Nikon. All of this while I was starting to evaluate a 24″ wide-format Canon printer to replace my Epson 4800. Maybe staying with an Epson printer as well.

Not a happy camper. Not someone who is going to be quick to recommend Canon.

January 27, 2018

Late January 2018 photo updates

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Arroyo Trabuco trail, December* 2017 copyright Douglas Stockdale

In addition to my new routine of morning walks during which I venture into the adjacent arroyo, back in the studio I have continued to work on my Middle Ground project. At the moment the Middle Ground project is not going include any black & white images so I did not include any updated images during my seven day black & white challenge this month.

Nevertheless, I continued to edit, tweak and evaluate the Middle Ground images for this project and have started printing these at 16 x 20″ on Photo Rag as part of my final evaluation. Looking ahead at the photobook for this project I have asked for a quote from a public relations person that I frequently interact with in my role as Editor for the The PhotoBook Journal, so I appreciate the quality of work she does. To help her understand this body of work, I have also uploaded to my web site a small selection of images that a part of the final edit. I have also continued to work on the Middle Ground book dummy. I expect to have some updates on that very, very soon.

I have been asked to join a new art mentoring program for an LA art organization and should have some details as this gets sorted out, guessing that this is going to launch sometime next month. Also received a request to provide a photobook presentation next month to an art group in the greater LA area and likewise I hope to get this worked out in the next week or so.

Meanwhile, I have just transferred the ownership of the SoCal PhotoExchange to my Editor, and now publisher, Gerhard Clausing. So that blog is in really good hands. I will continue as Associate Editor and I plan to write a weekly “tech” column for this photo-blog for the next couple of months (just posted a user report on the Gitzo carbon fiber tripod and next will be the Really Right Stuff medium size ball-head) and see how that goes.

I think a good start for the new year. Now if I can only lose a couple more of those pesky pounds that seem to linger; suspect that these are attached with super-glue ;- )

btw, noted that there is a small flock (at least six) of green parrots down in the arroyo this morning; noisy birds!

Please join me on Tumblr: @douglasstockdale & Twitter: @Doug_Stockdale, and of course, Instagram @douglasstockdale

* Limited time print offer: a 7 x 7″ color print is available for 24 hours after this post for a special price of $150 USD plus shipping. This color print size regularly sells for $300 USD. Archival pigment print on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Matte (305 gsm), paper size is 8-1/2 x 11″, Edition size of 10 and the print will be signed and numbered in pencil. email me: for details.


January 11, 2018

Social Media updates for the New Year

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Crystal Cove, bikes, December 2017 copyright Douglas Stockdale

For my 2018 New Years resolution as well as one of my goals for the year was to try to improve my social media presence. Specifically this goal is for my personal artist projects and I will be doing something similar to broaden the presence of The PhotoBook Journal.

To date, I joined Facebook about 2009, LinkedIn (for photograph) about 2012, started Instagram in 2015 and Twitter in 2017 (mostly some political commentary). Okay, so maybe for social media I am not the trend setter, but hey, I am an old dog still wanting to learn new tricks. For this year, I have just added Tumblr account.

In conjunction with the social media accounts, I am also going to try to add content a bit more frequently, which I hope might increase the number of followers. To be transparent, my self-serving reason is to help with my book sales and if I get my act together, maybe even some print sales.

Also appears that each of these social media channels have their pluses and minus, so here is what I will try to do with each;

Singular Images (this blog) this is where content appears to stay available for the longest duration and is a place that where content will be picked up on internet searches for years to come. So longer & information articles, such as this, will be posted here.

Facebook, here. These posts are fleeting, but where I have probably the largest number of followers and also share posts with LACP, SoCal PhotoExchange was well as various photobook groups.

Instagram (@douglasstockdale) Very photographic oriented site and fleeting posts, but seems ideal for publishing my singular images.

Tumblr (@douglasstockdale) New to me, a blog type layout, so I will have to see how this develops. Currently will post singular photographic images to determine what type of traction I get while learning the ropes. Never the less, what others have told me is that the content is not censored on this site, which probably means that Tumblr is more tolerant of nude studies than the others.

Twitter (@Doug_Stockdale) Will start posting singular photographic images to determine what type of traction I get while learning the ropes.

LinkedIn (@douglas-stockdale) I have not been overly impressed with this venue but I have also not been that active, so I will start posting more singular photographic images to determine what type of traction I get while learning the ropes related to photography. Also a site that I have the second most followers, but when I do post, I do not get that much response, but maybe related to a lack of posting.

So if these are venues you are already using, please invite or join me or what ever it is you are suppose to do to help me become part of the larger community.


Btw, after blogging for ten years on Singular Images, I think that this might be a relevant social media venue to maintain, so I have upgraded it to eliminate the pesky ads that clutter the posts. Now I need to sell a print (or two) to cover my investment, so let me know if there has been an image you have enjoyed and lets see if we can work out a deal.

December 31, 2017

Best creative wishes for 2018!


Morning walk, Trabuco Canyon, 2017 copyright Douglas Stockdale

On the brink of 2018 I think is a nice time to reflect on the achievements (and maybe even some of the screw-ups) of this past year, while looking forward to the opportunities and possibilities of the New Year.

So what do I have a chance to pat myself on the back about for 2017?

A bunch of things are just the continuation of my on-going artists and photographic projects; writing my random thoughts for this blog, providing photographic/artist book reviews for The PhotoBook Journal, portfolio and submission reviews for LensCulture, portfolio reviews for Los Angeles Center for Photography (LACP), curating the photobook submissions & curatorial talks for Photo Independent, and providing mentoring to other photographers/artist on the development of their book/projects. Likewise I continue development of long term photographic/artist projects; Memory Pods, Middle Ground, Instant Nomad and Gardening for Ordinance.

Bluewater Shore; self-published my limited edition artist book  which was launched this spring at Photo Independent. I had been developing this artist book for the past four years, so it was really great to finish this publication, which was recently selected by Elizabeth Avedon as one of her Best Photographic Books for 2017, and made Viory Schellekans Best Photo Books of 2017. (Also a few copies of this edition are still available, so contact me if interested;

Guide to Self-publishing an Indie Artist Book; an unexpected self-published book that I received a commission to complete in time for it’s launch at the Medium Festival of Photography this fall. This book draws heavily upon my Introduction to Photo Book design workshops.

Introduction to Photo Book workshop; In conjunction with Los Angeles Center for Photography (LACP) last spring, I led the first of two workshops this year for LACP. We are already planning the next workshop with LACP for fall of 2018, so watch for more details next year. These workshops have also led to more mentoring for photobook development with individual artist/photographers and organizations.

So what lays ahead for 2018? As the photograph above hopefully implies; an uncertain future on a path that only a few walk, with some potential hills (ups and downs) lurking ahead with the end of the path obscured by the trees. There’s also the thorny cactus lurking just off the trail.  Okay, it’s a bit of a classic metaphor, but I enjoy it all the same.

One goal for 2018 is the (self) publication of Middle Ground this spring (working on the book dummy during the holidays). Continue development of the other photographic projects. In discussions with my Associate Editor, Gerhard Clausing, about a ten-year anniversary photobook for The PhotoBook Journal.

On a personal note, I still need to lose another 5 pounds this year (did lose 10 pounds this fall) and get my blood pressure further down with modifications to my diet (a bit less wine, reducing the amount of salt, more fish, fruits and vegtables) in conjunction with frequently daily walks of a duration that is at least an hour. For the later, I am now venturing more off the beaten path that has led to the start of another photographic project about walking (I have a working title, but more about this in 2018 as I tweak the project’s artist statement). Maybe two walking project since I have been walking both the nature trails and the local ocean beaches, as well the local neighborhoods. I will continue to follow my muse and really interested to see how this all will develop!

So as we prepare for the New Year, I wish you all the very creative best for 2018!



December 24, 2017

Happy Holidays & a Great New Year!

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Christmas card, 2017 copyright Douglas Stockdale

Wishing everyone the very best for the holidays and a great New Year! Although we celebrate Christmas, we want to extend warm wishes to you for however you celebrate this time of year.

My discussion about the development of our annual Christmas card can be found here.

I also signed a few of the Christmas cards I sent out as a subtle inference that this 2004 winter photograph was created by me. I have not done this in the past, but thinking I might do this for the future, perhaps as a limited edition card with the edition number on the back.


December 6, 2017

MoPLA submission: Political Satire

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Middle Ground, San Diego, June, 2017 copyright Douglas Stockdale

A quick update; last night I did make my MoPLA (Month of Photography Los Angeles) submission and as anticipated, I went with the theme of Political Satire for my Middle Ground urban documentary project.

Besides the theme, I needed to place this photographic project in the context of an artist statement, so I had to work out the tweaks for that as well these last couple of days. Since this is a project that I am planning to publish next Spring, I was still letting the artist statement develop and perculate, but realize that I had just pushed that particular task up a bit in the schedule with the first formal submission of this project. sigh.

So here is the artist statement that I submitted:

Middle Ground is an urban landscape project which is in large part a political satire of attempts by a governmental group to institute, construct, and promote social alienation by building a wall between two adjoining countries. It is a visual parody of a current political folly; that in building a barrier in the Middle Ground that this will in turn create a (impenetrable) “Fortress America”. This investigation is meant to recall the man-built and ill-fated Berlin Wall, Great Wall of China and the current America-Mexico border wall and to reflect on the futility of such barriers. A barrier, no matter how great its size, will not impede the advance of individuals who are attempting to better themselves and their families.


December 4, 2017

MoPLA theme: Political Satire

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Middle Ground, San Diego, June, 2017 copyright Douglas Stockdale

I have been giving some thought to a MoPLA (Month of Photography Los Angeles) submission for my Middle Ground project. Which I need to sort out quickly as the deadline is December 5th. Yikes!

One submission category is Host Space Exhibitions and for that submission it requires: “a thematic body of work for exhibition consideration in one of our host spaces”.  Which bumps into an aspect of my Middle Ground project that I had not really considered before; what is is this thematic body of work?

Middle Ground investigates attempts by somebody in our government to construct something that leads to social alienation for America, a barrier situated between two countries, but I am not sure that “social alienation” is a theme but rather the subject of my project. Some classic themes are: the nude, urban landscape, portraiture, nature, culture, history, countries, abstract patterns, poetic, etc. Interestingly politics is a theme does arise on a few theme lists.

Thus thinking that Middle Ground‘s theme is political satire. So I will try to get some quick feedback on Facebook (and here if you would like to comment) in the next day or so to see if this might fly.

Second part of this submission is the openness of MoPLA curators to political satire? That I may not know for sure, but I am ready to try and find out.



November 28, 2017

Hawaiian Thanksgiving

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Hawaiian Bananas, Waimea, 2017 copyright Douglas Stockdale

For the Thanksgiving week we went to the Big Island of Hawaii, which was the first time that I have been on this Hawaiian island as we normally end up on Maui. And I can now attest, there are lots and lots of lava fields.

Also meant that I took a small vacation from blogging, both here and The PhotoBook Journal, although Gerry continued to add book reviews to TPBJ (yeah!). I did post to Instagram (@douglasstockdale) and follow Facebook, sharing a few of my Instagram posts on Facebook. I was a bit surprised at the response to my bananas photo above, which had double the response of my other photographs. Also a bit different for me as I have a tendency to defer to the mid-foreground landscapes photographs. Nevertheless, this photograph seemed to resonate with a bunch (pun intended) folks.

We had driven to Waimea to have Thanksgiving with Dana, a friend of my daughters, who is living on a small sheep farm. Quite surprised to see the banana trees ground around her house, which she says that frequently do not get picked, just toooo many. Nevertheless, I was intrigued by the shapes and forms of these hanging on the tree. It did help too much that Waimea is on the rainy side of the island and it drizzled the entire day, so the lighting was a bit soft. After taking the photo, I did some modifications in SnapSeed and I think the visual results were interesting.

So after our return, I spent most of a day downloading all of the photographs, more of which I will be sharing soon. Meanwhile, I have a few posts to do for TPBJ, one of which is a selection by Gerry and me for the More Interesting PhotoBooks for 2017.

Also a bit bothered by a recent forced Windows update which has slightly stretched the things on my monitor and that I have not been able to correct. I think it is all part of the evil MS plan to force me to buy an iMac Pro. Well it’s working….

I hope you all had a wonderful American Thanksgiving holiday! The funny part of our Thanksgiving dinner is that Dana had not cooked a turkey before, so before we arrived, she had cooked one to make sure she knew how. So our dinner was a wonderful success, including the purple mashed potatoes. We also had a lot to give thanks for.


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