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July 8, 2014

Keep Singular Images ad free – purchase a print!


Untitled (#39 Memory pod series, Middle Age) copyright 2014 Douglas Stockdale

August 2014 Update: this offer has expired! I will soon have some special print offers and due to all of the feedback I have received since posting this (thank you one and all), all prints will be in limited editions.


The Management


I founded the Singular Image photo-blog seven years ago, in part to provide an on-going discussion of my evolving vision, as well as in the words of Gary Winogrand, “to see what my photographs looked like”. This effort has been self-funded until now and now I require some additional assistance. Thus I am going to make what I think it is a really nice offer (actually described by another photographer as a sophisticated offer). Rather than requesting outright donations to support this blog, I am going to instead, much like Kickstarter, provide a special print offer. This is an opportunity for you to purchase an open-edition archival pigment print of any photograph of mine that I have posted on this blog in the past seven years. There is only one caveat; the print size will be limited to an outside dimension of 8 ½” x 11” otherwise the print will move into my Limited Edition sizes (and a much different pricing!).

So here is the print offer to support this blog:

Each open-edition archival pigment print, 8 ½” x 11”, matte finish, signed on verso (back of the print) is available for $100.00 U.S.D., which normally sell for $200.00. The shipping and handling (s/h) of each order is $25.00 U.S.D. for anywhere in the world, so multiple print orders to one destination will only require one s/h charge (even more savings!!). The print will not be matted and the photograph selected must be made by me (as I have also from time to time discussed some other photographers work and illustrated the post with their photographs on the blog). Easy as eating pie!

So page through this blog, find the photograph(s) you like (Yes, you can purchase as many as you like) and then leave me a note in the comments section of the post that you want this print offer and provide me with your email address. I will send you a PayPal invoice and ask for a shipping address and soon this print will be your hands.

I am not exactly sure how many photographs I have posted over the past seven years (I am pretty sure that I have the negative or file with very few exceptions) but I believe that there are more than 890 photographs to choose from. If there are any potential conflicts with the photograph, I will let you know.

If you have any questions, email me!

So now please get started!!


As I hope you know and understand I really appreciate all of your support for these past seven years and now I hope for a few more years yet to come. Thanks!!

And if you are interested in a larger Limited Edition photograph, please contact me.


May 19, 2014

Faux Polaroid – Lomo Camera FX

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Untitled (Reata, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA May 2014) copyright 2014 Douglas Stockdale

When I posted in Facebook yesterday about looking for an alternative camera-phone app for a Polaroid appearance, I posted this photograph. The immediate feedback was that the image looked too sharp. Then it immediately dawned on me, in addition to recognizable traits of the Polaroid colors and contrast range was also the Polaroid image glow. The original Polaroid photographs were not tack sharp, maybe due to an inexpensive glass (plastic?) lens, the film and the entire image capture process. So I have been looking again at the some of my original Polaroid’s (below, SX-70 camera system) and confirmed that my faux Polaroid was indeed too sharp, and that this was my own fault.

When I download a digital image for any of my cameras, I know that due to the sensor design, the image needs some sharpening. So in a somewhat brainless fashion, I did my normal routine of image sharpening of the Lomo Camera FX “Polaroid”. Okay, these images do need a bit, but not has heavy handed as to cancel out the wonderful soft glowing “sharpness”. So my earlier photograph required a do-over (dialed back the Photoshop unsharp setting) and the updated faux Polaroid image is above.

Yep, looking much better but I still do not like the simulated light leak so still looking for another Polaroid app for the Samsung. Also as one guy stated on Facebook; the Polaroid type film is available again, so go buy out and buy the film. hmmmm, that suggestion seems too easy, nevertheless I am going to check it out what films there are available now. My mom & dad’s old SX-70 is long gone and I think I still have one old Polaroid camera hiding in one of the boxes in the gauge, so best see what I can find before venturing to the camera store.



Untitled (Casmere Street, Warren, Michigan, date unknown) copyright 2014 Douglas Stockdale

April 7, 2014

Untitled RSM 174038

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untitled (Ranch Santa Margarita, CA 04-03-14) copyright Douglas Stockdale

Always amazed as one one thing seems to lead into another. I have been a fan of Bill Jacobson’s photographs and I curated his photobook A Series of Human Decisions into the recent 10×10 American Photobooks exhibition in Tokyo last year. Prior to this book, Jacobson has completed a series of somewhat related photographs since 1987 but noted for the fact that the photographs were purposefully out of focus, see image from his earlier book Photographs.

So while having dinner at a local pizza pub, I decided to photograph a person sitting at the adjacent bar. When I went to zoom in with my Samsung camera on a tighter composition, the magnification in conjunction with the low light was a challenge to the camera-phone and while it was just trying to auto-focus, I made the exposure above. A Jacobson moment.

An impressionist and ambiguous image, with shapes, color and mass that hint at something that seems tangible. Subsequently I have found it hard to duplicate. Much easier to obtain the same effect with a manual focus camera.


Bill Jacobson Photographs copyright  2005 published by Hatje Cantz



February 21, 2014

Pine Lake – Out of Print

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Pine Lake, copyright 2013 artist photobook by Douglas Stockdale

I just posted this same announcement on The PhotoBook blog, but I am really excited to announce that I recently arranged with photo-eye (Santa Fe, NM) book store to sell the last copies of the edition for my Pine Lake artist photobook. I believe that in publisher’s terms that when all copies are now in the hands of the bookstores that I am officially Out of Print. Wow, that did not take long.

So there is one remaining copy of the edition at As Issued, here on the left coast, and a couple with photo-eye and L’Ascensure Vegetal for Europe.  Pine Lake is SOLD OUT at the Reminders Photography Stronghold gallery in Japan.

I really do appreciate the great response to this book and my short semi-fictional story. As many of you have told me, it looks great in photographs on the web, but it’s awesome when holding the actual book object.

I suspect that I soon will be making the announcement that Pine Lake is SOLD OUT. very nice.



December 5, 2013

Duncan Miller gallery book fair this Sunday

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Blog warning; what you are about to read is going to be very similar to what I just posted in The Photobook blog. I am just saying….

Book Fair and print sale for emerging photographer/artists

Which includes yours truly, me! I will be there with my artist book Pine Lake as well as my Ciociaria Limited Edition book + print set (both versions), and trade copies of Ciociaria to purchase and be signed. I will also have a framed limited edition photograph from the Ciociaria book for sale, which was exhibited at OCCCA earlier this year. Cool, eh?

Collectors and artists set to mingle at upcoming book fair and print sale at Duncan Miller Gallery in Bergamot Station, Sunday, Dec 8, 2-5 pm

We are producing a one day event to showcase and sell books and photographs from 26 talented emerging photographer/artists — Come join us!

It’s free to attend, the great food truck Deano’s Deli will be on hand, and we’ll have wine and soft drinks in the gallery.

Enjoy an afternoon of mingling with photo collectors, art lovers, friends and photographers at Duncan Miller Gallery in Bergamot Station, Santa Monica.

Artists include: Melissa Richardson Banks, Sara Jane Boyers, Richard Chow, Steve Daly, Elena Dorfman, Judy Francesconi, Kevin Gray, Maureen Haldeman, Lorna Hart, Liz Huston, Mark Indig, Renee Jacobs, Jamie Johnson, Tom Johnson, Robbie Kaye, Sandra Klein, Clay Lipsky, Claire Mallett, Rico Mandel, Lisa McCord, Linda Morrow, Lori Pond, Kristianne Koch Riddle, Yasmina Rossi, Douglas Stockdale, Michael Wood

Please see the Facebook page:

This event is sponsored by Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, coming to Santa Monica in 2014 and

2525 Michigan Ave, Unit A7
Santa Monica, CA 90404

One recent disappoint for me was not to attend Paris Photo last month with the real first chance to interact with photobook collectors and obtain a direct response to my artist book Pine Lake. This book fair in Santa Monica will be far smaller in scale, but I think it is important to discuss with folks as to their reactions. I will also bring a little thick skin with me as well ;- D

So if you are in the area this Sunday, drop in, check it out and introduce yourself; I’m looking forward to meeting more of my readers and talk photobooks.


January 6, 2013

Nightscape – Fiuggi Terme

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11-07-10 Fiuggi_Nightscape_1455

Untitled (Fiuggi Terme Nightscape) 2010 copyright Douglas Stockdale

Where as the majority of the photographs that I post will probably be linked to a project at some point in time, I suspect that this photograph may not. Hopefully not a secret as one of the reasons for posting my work is self-promotion, eh?

For me, this composition, probably appearing very banal, is about stories of those who are not seen, as well as I enjoy this patchwork of shapes, masses, muted colors and the complex maze of lines. Most of the windows are shuttered for the night with the interior lights leaking around the edges, indicating the presence of humanity, thus personal stories that are in the process of occurring. I also accentuated this composition by flattening with a telephoto lens, which also enable me to extract the patterns that interested me the most.

I have photographed this section of Fiuggi Terme on a number of occasions while working on my project Ciociaria, as this place is located along my walk down from one of my favorite family restaurants (El Tower) in Fiuggi Citta, at the top of the hill and the place of the old city. They even have a table for me where I have a corner to store my camera and tripod where it does not (usually) get in the way. The five kilometer walk back to the hotel is refreshing and interesting at night. Thus this photograph is my talisman, as it does preserve my memory of those meals, local Pigilio wine, walks and nights.


July 30, 2010

Mon Bistrot – Boulogne, France

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Mon Bistrot, Boulogne, France copyright Douglas Stockdale 2010

I have been still thinking about Eugene Atget and what he might be seeing if he was walking Paris and it’s outskirts. Perhaps he would see the structures and places that were about to change, perhaps seeing the evidence of the changes that are ongoing. I have started the investigation of both of these conditions and it will be interesting to see what I return to in the Fall and how this might continue.

Best regards, Douglas

January 25, 2010

Fiuggi snowstorm

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Fiuggi, snowstorm copyright Douglas Stockdale 2010

Last December I recevied the Chamber of Commerce line about snow in Fiuggi: “oh, it does not every snow in Fiuggi” – Ha! I know what that white crap looks like, and this is it. So now you know my friends, it does snow in Fiuggi ;- )


January 24, 2010

Holiday Self portraits

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Self portrait, Rome copyright Douglas Stockdale

January 23, 2010

Rome archeology

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Pantheon, detail by Douglas Stockdale

There are a lot of old archeology digs in Rome to see, but this was one of the few compositions that drew me in. For all of the rest, they were just interesting to causally look at.

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