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March 12, 2015

Sidewalk Superintendent

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Sidewalk Superintendent (Acuto, Italy, 2010) copyright 2015 Douglas Stockdale

Okay, where to start? This photograph was made while I was working on my Ciociaria project, but this image did not make the final edit into the photobook. Nevertheless, it has always intrigued me as this scene is just a little slice of urban life, almost universal in nature. Some guys have a job to do and a local decides to provide some advice.

I like how I was transparent to everyone except for the two dogs. I had their full attention.

So I am posting this photograph for a Throw-back Thursday image.


January 10, 2014

New Year’s housekeeping – start of 2014


10×10 American Photobooks exhibiton catalog, copyright 2013 10×10 Photobooks

Today was a bit of virtual housekeeping day, as with all of the events that crashed into the end of the year, there were some things that I did not complete that I should have. Most of these tasks are related to my personal self promotion as an artist/photographer, but in the end, the cobblers kids don’t have shoes. Yeah, those subtle things that I need to do for myself go to the sidelines while I complete the tasks at hand; ship books to bookstores, send out invoices, attend book fairs, respond to editorial requests about my books, etc.

So in order of what I did today  (since I kinda hear you asking), is 1. update my web site with the shout-outs regarding my artist book Pine Lake, 2. update this same web site with some 2013 accomplishments (you probably get the idea that keeping a web site updated is viewed as a necessary pain. Yep!), 3. finishing some Facebook shout-outs regarding my photobook Ciociaria and last, 4. publishing a commentary on the 10×10 American Photobook exhibition catalog in which I am featured. sigh.

The three publications which featured Pine Lake at the end of the year were easy to copy & paste into the web site. Yes, this blog is more interactive and easier to use repository of links, etc., so the links are over to your right under the category of Web Ink.

Same for a few updates to the my CV on the web site. My book Ciociaria was accepted into the Indie Photobook Library (IPL) a donation that was made possible by the support of Ella and Zachary Webb.  hmmm, Pine Lake would be another possibility for IPL, so I am now looking for a sponsor who might want to help make this happen.

And last is the review of the 10×10 American Photobooks catalog that includes my selection of photobooks for this series of exhibitions.

Okay, Done!


December 9, 2013

Book Fair participation


Me (photo by Wendy Hicks) at Duncan Miller gallery, Santa Monica, CA

Yesterday afternoon was a fun and interesting event being a participant at the Duncan Miller gallery Photo Art Book Fair held in Santa Monica. Actually my first time as a “exhibitor”, so thought I would share a little bit about this experience.

First, the gallery space was about the size of my living room/dining room combination, with great lighting. Although with the exhibition tables ringing the two exhibition rooms, that meant that we had to stand directly in the spot lights. That was initially a little uncomfortable,  but after removing my jacket, I was comfortable enough.

Sarah Hadley on behalf of the gallery had provided a list of things to bring and what to expect, but in retrospect, it was missing a few items. I have purposefully not made any business cards, which I was only asked twice, but not having a business card at this event was a mistake that I will shortly correct.

Take-a-ways, promotional cards, brochures, etc was not on Hadley’s list, but this is something you need to include on your check list (now mine) if you are going to participate in similar events. Lots of folks walking by and you are not going to get their card to follow up, so give them something to remember you by. There were 26 of us exhibiting, so thinking that you will be remembered a couple of months after the event is expecting too much.

This was a great experience for me to directly interact with photobook  and photography collectors as they spent time with my work. My book Ciociaria was an easy read for attendees compared to the Pine Lake artist book. Ciociaria is a contemporary and traditional published photobook which can be picked up and viewed at leisure. Pine Lake on the other hand as lots of layers and parts, not really meant for a quick read, thus not well suited for a line of attendees who are waiting their turn. Nevertheless, Pine Lake continued to receive high praises for creativity and originality as everyone who spent a little time with it remarked they had not recalled seeing anything similar. Very cool!

Since I wanted to cover a gamut of options (a range of book prices aka price points), I also brought copies of LensWork #74 in which my portfolio for In Passing was featured. And I brought one of my Foundations portfolio editions, a retrospective collection of my early black & white landscape photographs that I completed in the 1980’s.

And of course, there were a bunch of friends coming by, such as Ann Mitchell, Jim McKinnis and Sarah Lee as well as a bunch of my co-conspirators (oops; co-exhibitors) that included Renee Jacobs with her partner Wendy Hicks, Sara Jane Boyers and Kathleen Laria McLauglin.


Renee Jacobs holding her recently published Paris (discreetly concealing the cover’s ta-tas) while I hold Pine Lake. By chance (yeah, after a week of planning) we had adjacent exhibition tables.


Kathleen Laria McLauglin, author of “Color of Hay“, which I reviewed on The Photobook last year.


Ann Mitchell, both of our portfolios were published in LensWork issue #74


Sarah Hadley, exhibition coordinator extraordinaire, also Executive Director of Filter Festival

November 22, 2013

Douglas Stockdale – Ciociaria

Ciociaria copyright 2011 Douglas Stockdale & published by Edizioni Punctum (Punctum Press)

I am really honored to be featured today on Matej Sitar’s Tumblr page The Angry Bat (The Angry Bat’s – nice photobooks) about my photobook Ciociaria. So check it out here. Thanks Matej!

I appreciate that Ciociaria, an earlier photobook that investigates memory and its preservation, is getting a little more Buzzzzzzz since the publication this year of my artist photobook Pine Lake. Nice.

Ciociaria is a hardcover book with dust jacket, four-color lithographic printing of the interior 50 color photographs, 96 pages without captions or page numbering. There is an essay by Marco Delogu and an afterword by me, both texts are provided in Italian and English.

That said, Matej Sitar joins the others who have discussed Ciociaria, including Aline Smithson (Lenscratch), Andrew Phelps (Buffet), Harvey Benge (Photograhy+art+ideas), Karen Jenkins in photo-eye Magazine and Tomás de Teresa on Libros de Fotografia (Spanish), who posted a video review of Ciociaria, set to Spanish guitar, on YouTube.

Best regards, Doug

October 17, 2013

Pine Lake at As Issued – Costa Mesa, CA


Pine Lake, As Issued, Costa Mesa, CA  copyright 2013 Douglas Stockdale

One of the fun and interesting aspects of publishing Pine Lake has been a reason to initiate another round of discussions with book store owners. Recently I met with DJ, the owner of As Issued, which is located in The LAB on Bristol in Costa Mesa, CA, to show and discuss Pine Lake as well as my earlier photobook Ciociaria.

I am very happy to announce that As Issued will be one of the first art bookstores to sell Pine Lake, and probably the only location on the West (Left) coast. Pine Lake will be available shortly on the East Coast at Harper’s Books, East Hampton, NY.

In addition, As Issued is selling both the trade edition of Ciociaria, as well as the Ciociaria Limited Edition book + print set that I self-published in 2012, both of which are now on their bookshelves. very nice.

So for those in Southern California, go check them out, along with their other cool and interesting books. As Issued and DJ were recently featured in the Register‘s OC Magazine in their article “The Curator of Cool“.



Ciociaria on display, As Issued


January 30, 2013

Photobook design

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Ciociaria SOVRACOPERTA.indd

Ciociaria copyright 2011 Douglas Stockdale published by Edizioni Punctum

I recently read a post from another photographer asking other photographers if they have any regrets with a photobook that they published. For me, three small details come to mind that I wish I could retrospectively tweak. 

First I would like to have listed my web site in the credits and regretfully I was offered a chance to edit this and I missed it. My bad.

Second, I should have deviled into more about how this project was a part of my ongoing investigation into memory and its preservation. As I wrote my essay, I have only myself to blame for what was stated. My advice, if you are considering the publication of a project and you intend to include your own essay, start developing it early, such that you have time to allow to mature. Then have others read it and provide feedback as to the message they perceive. (Yep, I did not do that well enough, as I had only one review of my written narrative).

Third and last, both Marco and I should have also taken credit for the design of this photobook. Marco agreed to this project while looking at my early galleries, but it was my book dummy that sold the final publishing, a direct reflection of my editing, image pairing and sequencing. For the final book design, fortunately I was provided the opportunity to again provide image pairing and probably 80% of the image sequencing, as Marco concentrated on the leading and first quarter of the photographs in the book’s photographic sequence. As you might suspect, photographers are not always allowed a say in the book design process by a vast number of publishers.

It was also my idea for the page layout for the paired photographs, with the left image surrounded by traditional white margins and the facing photograph a full bleed. For the pairings, I was able to provide changes as to which photographs were paired up and which side of the spread the photographs were positioned. I was able to provide input, if not approval, of the book cover and dust jacket design and graphics. Lastly, I also had a say in how the images were cropped if that became necessary, as it did with all of the full-page bleed photographs. So perhaps I was a bit shy about suggesting this change in the design credits, but looking back, I think that being listed as a part of the design team would have been fair.

I suspect that I will get these parts correct for my next book, but I will probably miss something else. Meanwhile as I work on my current photobook project, I have the book design that I want well in mind.


OCCCA Exhibition catalog available

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copyright the artists, 2013 published by Orange County Center for Contemporary Art (OCCCA)

When I arrived at the OCCCA to pick up my framed photograph that was in the “Give Us Your Best Shot” exhibition, I found that an exhibition catalog was published and available. In due fashion, the catalog has the photographers listed alphabetically with their exhibition photograph and a brief statement. Nice.

The stiff cover catalog is available for $10.00 from OCCCA. As a photobook reviewer, I would have preferred that they included the date the catalog was published, the exhibition dates and perhaps some information about the theme of the exhibition.

But then again, this is my first publication for 2013, a great start for the new year.


January 7, 2013

Morolo Italy – Industrial decay

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Untitled (Morolo) 2010 copyright Douglas Stockdale

Lately, I have veered away from the urban/industrial landscape in favor of things that are more ambiguous and tighter framed. Nevertheless, I have a ton of earlier work that pricked my soul and this abandoned industrial site, above, in particular.

When driving to an assignment, I prefer to take the back roads rather than a freeway directly to my destination. While working in Ferentino (Italy) and working on my project Ciociaria, my back road route took me past this group of buildings, with this one structure capturing my imagination in particular. It looks like the top structure of a ship, with the stacks looming over the terrain. I am not sure what it’s purpose was, but the locals do a lot of stone quarry work to support the construction in Rome and the surrounding area. Typically they just wear a local hill down to the nub, then when the stone or other natural materials are exhausted, walk away and leave all of the infrastructure in place in the hopes that it will eventually vanish.

Over a period of a year, I have been looking at this site, first while driving by, then when I found an appropriate parking spot, to then start walking the grounds. Even in places like this, sometimes the owners still like to keep a watch dog, but none of these were present. Looking at some photographs made during the mid day, I realized that I needed some additional moodiness to convey the forlorn melancholy feeling of this place. Thus one overcast morning while driving in, I realized that what external environmental conditions I had per-visualized was now present.

Industrial decay, devoid of any individuals or humanity, does speak to the past and memories, but in this case, there is no attempt to preserve the memories of things that occurred. There are many photographic projects about industrial decay, thus not a genre that I am interested in, but this image could help supplement another concept. Thus I will attempt to preserve this memory, one as it relates to my experience in making this composition and as I work on other concepts, might this photograph become relevant.


January 5, 2013

Mystical sorting hat

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Untitled (Fiuggi Terme) copyright 2010 Douglas Stockdale

I had noted this table and cover on the grounds of a hotel in Fiuggi Terme during most of the Summer it was covered with green leaves and people were enjoying a conversation in the shade. Later in the Fall, the leaves were gone and so were the constant flow of guests, but what remained appeared more interesting. The tangle of bare limbs above the table were revealed and appeared to take on the look of an ancient cover. I could not help but think of the “sorting hat” in the Harry Potter series.

With some careful positioning, I was able to juxtaposition two of the lawn lights to appear to hove just above the table top in an attempt to imbue this with more mystical symbolism. This photograph did not appear to be a good fit for my Ciociaria photobook, but it still beckons me back for a second consideration.

Perhaps to afford a look into the future or the interpretation of dreams?

Nevertheless, I am not sure of the photographs eventual use but I am already considering the changes I may need to make to create a different image (I never have claimed to be a purist, as I am not a documentary reporter). I am thinking  to clone out the remaining while globes in the background, they create a visual distraction (eyes are drawn to the lightest parts of a photograph) and work against the illusion. Likewise there is a light colored structure in the background lurking above the plane of the table that needs to be either toned down or eliminated. Then I think my mystical sorting hat will be ready for prime time!!

Any dreams requiring interpretation?? Inquire within.


January 4, 2013

Live wire juxtaposition

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12-11-10 Fiuggi_2007

Fiuggi Citta 2010 copyright Douglas Stockdale

As I review the photographs from my project Ciociaria, I find myself thinking of Hiroshi Watanbe’s “Findings“, a project that was a compilation of photographs that he drew on from a diverse set of circumstances and conditions. There are a number of photographs from my Ciociaria project that I think will have a life beyond this initial photobook. With this photograph, above, I can anticipate using it to augment another project to investigate the concept of memory and its preservation.

The old city of Fiuggi Citta (initially built up about 1250) has a maze of narrow corridors, walk ways and interior plaza’s in which the citizens live and it seems to me that they make use of about every square inch of available space. This old patched wall speaks to me about the past and ancient memories. The line and plastic clothes pins are grounded in the present. The clothes pins were found just as they were arranged, very colorful and almost sequenced into a musical arrangement.

The fact that the clothes pins are empty is a reference to an expectant future, in anticipation of these things yet to come.


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