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June 27, 2015

Neighborhoods – LA

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untitled (LA Neighborhood, June 2015) copyright Douglas Stockdale

I informally started a little project simply titled Neighborhoods and these are photographs of things that I have found interesting as I walked various neighborhoods. Not sure what to otherwise call this series, or what I might do with it, but my muse whispers carry-on! So I will.

In reflection I think that this might be a continuation of a project that I starting worked on in 2007 when I was commuting to a job in Riverside. I briefly tried to shoe-horn a similar concept into a self-published book for SoFoBoMo about the same time in 2007-8.

So as some projects go, I go in and out of these until something really gels. I will continue to post a few more as I develop them.

Btw, this photograph was taken while attending the exhibition opening for Paula McCartney at Kopeikin Gallery in LA earlier this month. I had reviewed a couple of her books for The PhotoBook so it was a great opportunity to meet up, as she hails for Minneapolis, MN. During a lull in the exhibition, I walked out the back of Paul’s gallery and saw this interesting composition across the alley and it just drew me in. I think it is somewhat of a LA Stereotype for what folks outside the area think our neighborhoods might look like. The palm tree in the background seems to ground the image and work off the other elements.


June 13, 2015

Internet infrastrature changes

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122 03-19-15_Memory_Pods_131242_3_6x6

Memory Pod #122 copyright Douglas Stockdale 2014

Internet infrastructure changes is a fancy way of saying that my current internet sucks. I need a new system, but like all things, there are some complications. So for a short time I am adding some duplication and running the old system while getting the new system on line. Not an easy thing to do when I have been using the same email for the past 10 years, I have to figure out where I have used it and off course let everyone know about the change. Okay, more about this later, right now I am working on a new host for my web site and it appears that I will be using PhotoShelter as the back-bone for the web site. Nice templates and so far I can figure most of the stuff out to make it appear similar to my current site.

I would rather be working on my photographic projects than pretending I am an IT guy, but hopefully, I will not need to endure this again for a while once the transition is complete.


Oh, the image above was just framed for a group exhibition at BC Space (Laguna Beach) that is tentatively planed to open July 9th. More on that later.

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