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May 31, 2014

Memory pods – 21 & 22

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Untitled (Memory pods #21, May 2014) copyright 2014 Douglas Stockdale

This morning I was out scouting some more memory pods that I had seen around the area over the past couple of days. It seems that this idea is not going easily away. Stylistically, I have been denaturing the color in my images, but in checking back to my original image capture, I found myself take by the color of the fallen pods. Thus posting both versions even though I think I will be using the top image, #21. Nevertheless, I do find it is always nice to put back-up photograph on the blog to see what it looks like. Like tacking up the different printing versions on my virtual wall.

A nice walk is contemplative and on this one I came up with another idea of what to title this project. And you may have thought Memory pods was the project name. Well maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. I like options!



Untitled (Memory pods #22, May 2014) copyright 2014 Douglas Stockdale

Memory pods – 16 & 19

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Untitled (Memory pods #16, May 2014) copyright 2014 Douglas Stockdale

I was captivated by the composition and appearance of two rose pods after the bloom. What I had not been attempting before this was the documentation and development of the same subject over time. Hopefully apparent the image #16 above was the earlier of the series although the duration was only three days, the memory pods were evolving. Similar to how memory changes over time as it continues to lose its initial vitality and freshness.

I suspect I will continue to follow the progression of this set of memory pods as well as looking at my earlier subjects.



Untitled (Memory pods #19, May 2014) copyright 2014 Douglas Stockdale

May 30, 2014

Memory pods – 07

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Untitled (Memory pods #07, May 2014) copyright 2014 Douglas Stockdale

While developing this photograph for my Memory pods series, I kept finding myself introducing a warm hue. Up to this point I have been exploring variations of a neutral or tan background color. Color can convey a whole litany of narratives; such that a warm red can convey warmth & heat as well as either anger or passion. Perhaps this is a surrealist attempt to add subjectivity to the image?



May 28, 2014

Memory pods – 04

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Untitled (Memory pods #04, May 2014) copyright 2014 Douglas Stockdale

A continuation of my investigation into memory and its preservation.

So I am intrigued as to why these various photographs seem to keep drawing me back. Visually I have made the pods to be more indistinct much like a memory but what about the entanglement? Complexity? Some things that are radiating from a core? A maze of the loose ends? Incompleteness? Some things that have gone haywire?


May 27, 2014

Memory pods – 01

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Untitled (Memory pods #01 May 2014) copyright 2014 Douglas Stockdale.

This is my first visual experiment in my investigation using seed pods as a metaphor for memory and its preservation. Since I have completed over a dozen, I realized it is going to be increasingly difficult to keep track of each of these so I have decided to start numbering the series. Thus this is 01 and I returned to my earlier two posts and changed the untitled designations to 02 and 03. No significance being attributed to the numbers other than which ones I created in sequence. Numbers are in two digits as I am not sure if I will create more than 99 of these. Then again, perhaps I will create more. I certainty do not know, but no issues if I do. I feel it’s just the right time to follow my muse.

For this image, I was really taken by the visual ambiguity as to what the subject might actually be. After the last 10 years of making a factual appearing image, this abstraction takes me back to my days of non-representational painting. Interesting.

For me this might be representative of how I retain and preserve memories.


May 26, 2014

Memory pods – Snapseed

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Untitled (Memory pod 02 May 2014) copyright 2014 Douglas Stockdale

I am continuing to work with the Snapseed app and my memory pod photographs. This is another interesting image for me that I developed yesterday, but I wonder about the composition and what draws me in? If the project is about memory pods as a metaphor, then why do I have that part of the plant out of focus?

After working on this image yesterday, I am a bit more reflective on its visual qualities today. Perhaps the memory pods are indistinct and difficult to visualize similar to the ability to see my memories? That the tanglement in the foreground is symbolic of my brain and the potential way synapses occur? And it all radiates out of a core, that of course being my soul, my inner-self and where experiences and memory stems from.

I’m feeling encouraged to investigate this further.


Snapseed app – first look

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Untitled (Memory pod 03 May 2014) copyright 2014 Douglas Stockdale

After downloading the Lomo Camera FX Free app for my Samsung 4, my PX buddy Jim McKinniss also suggested that I check out another free Samsung 4 app from Nik called Snapseed. I saw, I liked, I downloaded (my spin on an old Latin saying).

I guess that it is apropos that for my first evaluation of Snapseed I should work on my recent Memory Pod series. I was out this morning continuing to photograph the seed pods and I picked out this composition to evaluate. To learn this app I kinda pushed the FX envelop!

I am not a big fan of heavy manipulated photographs, but it has been a long time since I really tweaked an image. This may not be a final image in my project, but this was fun to play with. Since I am not making notes as I go and jumping from mode to mode, I don’t have a clue as to how I got to this final image, although I think at one point I was in the Grunge mode. I am sure as I play around with this some more, I will figure it out. And if I find that this image grows on me, I had better figure out what I did if I want to recreate the effect again!

This free Samsung 4 app is rated F for fun!


May 24, 2014

Memory pods

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Untitled (Rancho Santa Margarita, CA May 2014) copyright 2014 Douglas Stockdale

The power of suggestion! I never know where an idea may come from. Sometimes, such as this case, while contemplating and writing about one thing  the next morning I am greeted with an inspirational idea.

Yesterday, while writing about the Lomo Camera FX app, I had stated that the Lomo mode had essentially a greenish and ghastly (okay I actually wrote ghoulish) appearance best suited for Halloween. This morning,yesterday’s thought was translated that the Lomo mode might be best for photographing dead things, or things that appeared that were dying.

Which somehow seemed to resonate with my on-going series of projects investigating memory and its preservation. Seed pods are essentially memory pods. The flower has bloomed and was now a thing of the past. The bloom, once vibrant, was now in a state of change. All that remained of a beautiful flower was now encapsulated inside a seed pod.

So this morning with an overcast sky hinting of what we call June Gloom here in southern California, I decided to go out and further investigate this idea.


Lomo Camera FX evaluation

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Untitled (Rancho Santa Margarita, CA May 2014) copyright 2014 Douglas Stockdale

I am not big on camera or software evaluations, but as I have been playing with the Lomo Camera FX app for my Samsung 4 and posting some resulting photographs, I thought someone might be interested in an overall evaluation. Especially since this a Free download.

The basic app download has six modes. You select a mode, compose a photograph, take the photograph and wait a moment and on your screen pops up the resulting image within its related border. You will find the image is stored in it’s own folder OneMansCamera and not in the usual folder location.

So to provide a reference, this is the original photo made without the app, straight from the camera with a slight bit of sharpening as I do for just about every digital image.


Since I was composing this image tight for the flowers which works best for the various modes, below, the sky in the background is over exposed, but still retains a bit of the blue.

Lomo Camera FX – Push


The push mode is essentially an overexposed photograph. This is what you might get if you were to take a photograph and really accentuate a curve layer in Photoshop to blow out the highlights. This is the Push image right out of the camera and for the Push mode the blacks are also weak, at best a dark gray. That really bothers me, so although I find the overall effect intriguing, I punch up the blacks (both in the RAW conversion into Photoshop as well as a Curves adjustment) and arrive at the image at the veru top of this post for comparison.

Lomo Camera FX  – Polaroid


For the Polaroid effect, the contrast and sharpness are softened to emulate the SX-70 Polaroid look. Then add the characteristic Polaroid border, although this is not the SX-70 border, perhaps closer to the 600 series film. What bothers me is the light leak evident on every image on the left side of the photograph that has a bit of wispy green color extended about a quarter of the way into the image. Regretfully there is no option to eliminate the light leak effect. Bummer, because overall it’s not too bad of a mode.

The image format is of course not the same as the SX-70 3-1/8″ square either. Also the border is always on the long edge, similar to the fact for Polaroid, the film orientation was fixed.

Lomo Camera FX –  Combination


For this mode, I think that the combination is a bit of the Lomo, below and the Film, below the Lomo. Perhaps the thing I like about it is that there are no film leaks or other app artifacts. Closer to the original with some strange color things happening. This one might be worth more investigation for me.

Lomo Camera FX – Lomo


With this mode, we get some funky colors best described as an overall green cast. I guess to appear like old film or weird processed film. Okay, I am not as impressed but I will see how this works next Halloween. The ghouls should appear even more ghoulish!

Lomo Camera FX – Film


For the Film mode

Lomo Camera FX – Paper


And finally for the Paper mode, a low contrast capture to emulate what if you were using a coated paper to capture an image. Initially the image seems interesting, but the same repetitious torn paper border wears thin very quickly. One alternative is to use Photoshop to clone and modify the borders and white space for different images to create some variety.

All in all, an app that provides some modes to play around with and have some fun. My buddy Jim McKinniss who turned me onto this app uses his image captures as a starting point. And perhaps an interesting project may result as well.

So download and have some fun!


May 22, 2014

Lomo Camera FX – Push

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Untitled (Rancho Santa Margarita, CA May 2014) copyright 2014 Douglas Stockdale

Garry Winogrand made famous a statement that he wanted to photography things to see what they looked like, which this morning so did I. What did things look like with the Samsung camera app Lomo Camera FX that I had just downloaded?



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