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April 29, 2014

Ella – San Onofre

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Untitled (Ella, San Onofre, April 2014) copyright 2014 Douglas Stockdale

This is the start of a new portrait project that I am being drawn into. To be honest, even though I have photographed a fair number of individuals, it is very difficult for me to approach someone, especially a stranger, and ask if they would be the subject of my photograph. Unless I am playing the part of the photojournalist such as last weekend’s Paris Photo LA and Photo Independent. Perhaps this will become an element of my investigation into the human condition.

Related to this, I do have another project that has progressed up to the point of making the portraits I envision. Thus the project is in a state of suspended animation. Silly, eh? So to overcome that personal hurdle, I am taking a side track and working with some family members who are very tolerant of my lens.

Likewise, I am acquiring more photobooks that have a stronger human element including contemporary portraits. Although not a contemporary photographer, I did acquired Henri Cartier-Bresson’s recent retrospective (he passed away in 2004), I read his famous quote that the art of the portrait was a “question mark you put over somebody“. Food for thought.


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