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December 30, 2013

Pine Lake featured in Emaho Magazine


Pine Lake copyright 2013 Douglas Stockdale.

I was thinking earlier today that I should finish the year with a post about what my objectives were for next year and thoughts about this past year.

But then Manik Katyal, the Editor-in-Chief/Publisher of Emaho magazine disrupted my great plans with his article about Pine Lake. So how cool is that?!

I have to admit, what a very, very nice way to end the year. So check it out here.


Oh, and there are only a few copies of Pine Lake left now.

December 24, 2013

Holiday Christmas Card – 2013

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Untitled (Fiuggi, Italy, 2010) copyright Douglas Stockdale 2013.

As a freelancer, sometimes a client will keep me really busy, and I mean really, really busy. When this happens in late November and most of December, some of my other to-do’s suffer. One of those traditional items at the end of the year is the Christmas card, and as  a result of my work, another tradition is that I do not start working on ours until just before Christmas.

My end of year Christmas card procrastination is further complicated by the fact that during the year, I do not photograph something specific for this card. Which means selecting an “appropriate” image from my files. This can be a little stressful as to selecting which image will suggest the Christmas season?

We grew up in the MidWest and regularly had a white Christmas, so pine trees and snow seem to do that for us. Not am easy scene to find in Southern California in December when I am stringing the Christmas lights on the house while wearing a T shirt, shorts and flip-flops. Fortunately we do ski in Colorado, so I have a few winter images from there to choose from, which is the image below.

The other image that captured my interest for this year’s card is above, which was created during a snow storm while I was working in Central Italy. From my window was visible the figure on top of the hill overlooking the city, lit up for the holidays. Perhaps with a lot of atmosphere and mood, while not as detailed as the winter landscape below.

Merry Christmas & a Great New Year!



December 15, 2013

New artist book project with pamphlet stitching


Untitled (Union Ice Picks) copyright 2013 Douglas Stockdale.

While I was developing my artist book Pine Lake, I had started selecting photographs for what will probably be the second artist book in this series about memory, family, nostalgia and remembrance. I am also going to make some changes for this next book, one of which is to produce a limited number of flip books in conjunction with the artist book. I will self-publish both versions and for the stand alone flip-book, I am planing to incorporate a pamphlet binding process.

For the pamphlet bind, it is essentially uses a stabbing tool (awl) to pierce through the interior picture block and outer covers (three holes minimum) and then sewn with an inter-looping pattern and tied off inside the book. Okay, I have never done this before, but how hard can this be to learn, eh?

The awl tool that is prescribed for the paper stabbing has a long slender pointed steel rod fixed to a wooden handle. hmmmm, where had I seen something similar in my grandfather’s steel tool chest? Yep, there in lay three very old ice picks, two of which were pretty grungy and were a pair that I had avoided touching for some twenty years. Time to clean ’em up!

My biggest concern is the condition of the tips, as they need to be both sharp and straight, which neither of the three are even close. Since I will be working with some very old photographs for this project, perhaps not as old as the ice picks, to use these ice picks in conjunction with creating these books I think would be very symbolic.

So time to figure out how to clean these three little guys up! Another fun aspect of these artist books, more trouble to get into.


December 13, 2013

Book definitions on The Photobook blog

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While I was reviewing some recent photobooks, I realized that I have been using some book design and publishing jargon that may not be as well known to photographers and readers of photobooks. I think for many folks, the book printer (and bindery) may be a black box; photographs and essays go in and pretty soon a ton of printed photobooks in cardboard boxes come out the other side. So perhaps a little bit of information to demystify some of the book design and publishing (printing) processes, especially for those like me who are very interested in creating artist books and self-publishing. Thus I initiated a new Reference page on my photobook blog The Photobook to provide definitions and links to sites (usually Wikipedia) that provide even more detail.

So check it out and perhaps it might help you understand some of the things lurking in the publisher’s black box. And if you still have some questions, leave a comment and I will try to answer the best I can.



December 9, 2013

Book Fair participation


Me (photo by Wendy Hicks) at Duncan Miller gallery, Santa Monica, CA

Yesterday afternoon was a fun and interesting event being a participant at the Duncan Miller gallery Photo Art Book Fair held in Santa Monica. Actually my first time as a “exhibitor”, so thought I would share a little bit about this experience.

First, the gallery space was about the size of my living room/dining room combination, with great lighting. Although with the exhibition tables ringing the two exhibition rooms, that meant that we had to stand directly in the spot lights. That was initially a little uncomfortable,  but after removing my jacket, I was comfortable enough.

Sarah Hadley on behalf of the gallery had provided a list of things to bring and what to expect, but in retrospect, it was missing a few items. I have purposefully not made any business cards, which I was only asked twice, but not having a business card at this event was a mistake that I will shortly correct.

Take-a-ways, promotional cards, brochures, etc was not on Hadley’s list, but this is something you need to include on your check list (now mine) if you are going to participate in similar events. Lots of folks walking by and you are not going to get their card to follow up, so give them something to remember you by. There were 26 of us exhibiting, so thinking that you will be remembered a couple of months after the event is expecting too much.

This was a great experience for me to directly interact with photobook  and photography collectors as they spent time with my work. My book Ciociaria was an easy read for attendees compared to the Pine Lake artist book. Ciociaria is a contemporary and traditional published photobook which can be picked up and viewed at leisure. Pine Lake on the other hand as lots of layers and parts, not really meant for a quick read, thus not well suited for a line of attendees who are waiting their turn. Nevertheless, Pine Lake continued to receive high praises for creativity and originality as everyone who spent a little time with it remarked they had not recalled seeing anything similar. Very cool!

Since I wanted to cover a gamut of options (a range of book prices aka price points), I also brought copies of LensWork #74 in which my portfolio for In Passing was featured. And I brought one of my Foundations portfolio editions, a retrospective collection of my early black & white landscape photographs that I completed in the 1980’s.

And of course, there were a bunch of friends coming by, such as Ann Mitchell, Jim McKinnis and Sarah Lee as well as a bunch of my co-conspirators (oops; co-exhibitors) that included Renee Jacobs with her partner Wendy Hicks, Sara Jane Boyers and Kathleen Laria McLauglin.


Renee Jacobs holding her recently published Paris (discreetly concealing the cover’s ta-tas) while I hold Pine Lake. By chance (yeah, after a week of planning) we had adjacent exhibition tables.


Kathleen Laria McLauglin, author of “Color of Hay“, which I reviewed on The Photobook last year.


Ann Mitchell, both of our portfolios were published in LensWork issue #74


Sarah Hadley, exhibition coordinator extraordinaire, also Executive Director of Filter Festival

December 5, 2013

Duncan Miller gallery book fair this Sunday

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Blog warning; what you are about to read is going to be very similar to what I just posted in The Photobook blog. I am just saying….

Book Fair and print sale for emerging photographer/artists

Which includes yours truly, me! I will be there with my artist book Pine Lake as well as my Ciociaria Limited Edition book + print set (both versions), and trade copies of Ciociaria to purchase and be signed. I will also have a framed limited edition photograph from the Ciociaria book for sale, which was exhibited at OCCCA earlier this year. Cool, eh?

Collectors and artists set to mingle at upcoming book fair and print sale at Duncan Miller Gallery in Bergamot Station, Sunday, Dec 8, 2-5 pm

We are producing a one day event to showcase and sell books and photographs from 26 talented emerging photographer/artists — Come join us!

It’s free to attend, the great food truck Deano’s Deli will be on hand, and we’ll have wine and soft drinks in the gallery.

Enjoy an afternoon of mingling with photo collectors, art lovers, friends and photographers at Duncan Miller Gallery in Bergamot Station, Santa Monica.

Artists include: Melissa Richardson Banks, Sara Jane Boyers, Richard Chow, Steve Daly, Elena Dorfman, Judy Francesconi, Kevin Gray, Maureen Haldeman, Lorna Hart, Liz Huston, Mark Indig, Renee Jacobs, Jamie Johnson, Tom Johnson, Robbie Kaye, Sandra Klein, Clay Lipsky, Claire Mallett, Rico Mandel, Lisa McCord, Linda Morrow, Lori Pond, Kristianne Koch Riddle, Yasmina Rossi, Douglas Stockdale, Michael Wood

Please see the Facebook page:

This event is sponsored by Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, coming to Santa Monica in 2014 and

2525 Michigan Ave, Unit A7
Santa Monica, CA 90404

One recent disappoint for me was not to attend Paris Photo last month with the real first chance to interact with photobook collectors and obtain a direct response to my artist book Pine Lake. This book fair in Santa Monica will be far smaller in scale, but I think it is important to discuss with folks as to their reactions. I will also bring a little thick skin with me as well ;- D

So if you are in the area this Sunday, drop in, check it out and introduce yourself; I’m looking forward to meeting more of my readers and talk photobooks.


Pine Lake – featured on Libro de Fotografia

This morning I awoke to a nice surprise. My artist book Pine Lake was featured by Tomas de Teresa on his Spanish photobook review blog, Libro de Fotografia. How cool is that?!

Part of his review for Pine Lake:

Douglas Stockdale, el fotógrafo conocido por el blog The Photobook ha auto-publicado un nuevo trabajo llamado Pine Lake. Al igual que en su anterior libro, Ciociaraia, Douglas continúa estudiando el concepto del recuerdo, sólo que en esta ocasión utiliza un enfoque diferente.

Tomas has been a great supporter of my photographic work, previously posting a review of my book Ciociaria as well as setting a review of Ciociaria backed with Spanish guitar on YouTube. You should check this You Tube review out!

Part of his review for Ciociaria:

Ciociaria es una región en el centro de Italia que debe su nombre a un antiguo líder sándalo. De paisajes rocosos y montañosos no posee una historia conocida, algo que ha intrigado a Douglas y que le ha movido a realizar una investigación del lugar, fotograficamente hablando.


December 4, 2013

Orange County sunset

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Untitled (241 tollroad, Orange County, CA) copyright 2013 Douglas Stockdale.

With the effort to complete my artist book Pine Lake, I have temporarily stopped work on my other projects. To the point that I realized that I have not really photographed a subject for a short while. So when I started a day-job project in Riverside County, I decided that I would defer to the use of my camera-phone, which provides some interesting slightly panoramic images, on the way there and back. This drive takes me on the local 241 toll road out of Orange County and up into the foothills and in one place provides a very nice big-picture view of most of Orange County and the edge of the Pacific ocean.

So this afternoon with some overcast weather coming in, I was treated to a nice sunset. I am still a sucker for these lyrical and poetic moments. That the camera did not get everything tack sharp would be to miss the point, eh? It works just fine for me.


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