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November 26, 2013

Pine Lake – On Tour

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Pine Lake 2013 copyright Douglas Stockdale

One of the more interesting outcomes of Le PhotobookFest held earlier this month in Paris is the inclusion of the book dummy for my Pine Lake in a Box of Dummies tour (a hitchhikers guide to the galaxy) that is taking place for the next twelve months. Eleven book dummies will be packed up and shipped between the various The Photobook Club events. The tour is being hosted by The Photobook Club, the brain child of Matt Johnston. The intent to place these books dummies on tour is to provide other photographers and those interested in the photobook medium an insight to the raw conceptual designs of a photobook as it works its way to eventual publication. Yikes, I almost feel like a rock star, as this is my first touring event!

In January, the first stop is the The Photobook Club – London and then followed by The Photobook Club – Madrid. I hope that all of the contents and parts of my Pine Lake book dummy remain intact. I have already had to replace the fishing line with split weight for one of the books in Japan.  As intended, the fishing line (5 lb fly line) is translucent and difficult to keep track of, a great metaphor for a memory.

The other photographers and their book dummies that will be also included in the Box of Dummies are detailed here and include;

Where The Birds Used To Sing by Zoé Beausire

Thunder by Emiliano Biondelli

V I V ( R ) E L A V I E ! by Ana Galan

Did we ever meet? by Elena Kholkina

Plánētes by Birgit Krause

Hometowns by John MacLean

The Anomalies by David McBride

At Once by Anna Meschiari

Small Town South by  Helena Rovira

Tsugi no yoru e by Yusuke Yamatani



November 23, 2013

Red’s Fishing Memento


copyright 2013 Douglas Stockdale.

I as I reflect on the development of my artist book Pine Lake, perhaps I was reacting to a very subliminal keepsake that I cherish. Sitting on my workstation for many years is this small fishing memento that my Dad has purchased a long time ago. I can remember this little fisherman sitting on my Dad’s work bench and at the moment, I can not recall when or where he purchase it. But I know that he treasured it, as it probably was his escape talisman, taking him back to his many fishing adventures. A wonderful little memento.

As you tell above, this is also one of the potential items that I was not going to be able to include in the Pine Lake artist book, but in a way, part of it was indeed included.


November 22, 2013

Douglas Stockdale – Ciociaria

Ciociaria copyright 2011 Douglas Stockdale & published by Edizioni Punctum (Punctum Press)

I am really honored to be featured today on Matej Sitar’s Tumblr page The Angry Bat (The Angry Bat’s – nice photobooks) about my photobook Ciociaria. So check it out here. Thanks Matej!

I appreciate that Ciociaria, an earlier photobook that investigates memory and its preservation, is getting a little more Buzzzzzzz since the publication this year of my artist photobook Pine Lake. Nice.

Ciociaria is a hardcover book with dust jacket, four-color lithographic printing of the interior 50 color photographs, 96 pages without captions or page numbering. There is an essay by Marco Delogu and an afterword by me, both texts are provided in Italian and English.

That said, Matej Sitar joins the others who have discussed Ciociaria, including Aline Smithson (Lenscratch), Andrew Phelps (Buffet), Harvey Benge (Photograhy+art+ideas), Karen Jenkins in photo-eye Magazine and Tomás de Teresa on Libros de Fotografia (Spanish), who posted a video review of Ciociaria, set to Spanish guitar, on YouTube.

Best regards, Doug

November 11, 2013

Pine Lake – L’Ascenseur Vegetal


Pine Lake copyright 2013 Douglas Stockdale

Just a quick shout out that L’Ascenseur Vegetal, the web bookstore in France which is the European bookstore for Pine Lake has just posted their Pine Lake sales page here. Nice.

Claude Lemaire, the owner of L’Ascenseur Vegetal, was able to juggle posting this while preparing to drive up to Paris for Le PhotobookFest, at which Pine Lake as well as many other photobook titles will be available. (Thanks Claude!!) Claude has also arranged two full days of book signing events, so if you plan to be in Paris this week for Paris Photo or weekend to take in Le PhotobookFest, you need to check his schedule out.

Regretfully, I will not be in Paris for this event. sigh.


November 8, 2013

Josef Chladek features Pine Lake


A very nice surprise this morning when I discovered that photobook reviewer Josef Chaladek has  featured my artist photobook Pine Lake on his blog this morning. Very cool. So please check it out here!


Now I need to link this up on the side bar.

November 3, 2013

Winter Field


Winter Field copyright Douglas Stockdale & text copyright Brooks Jensen, publisher of LensWork magazine

Published on the blog LensWork Daily Looking at Images by Brooks Jensen

This image comes from a portfolio that consists of photographs of roadside memorials and crosses, each a marker indicating a sad story. I love the way Stockdale has emphasized the emotion in this image by using so many compositional lines that are tilted. The cross itself is tilted, the shadow of the cross is tilted, there are tilted trees on the left side of the photograph that are leaning into the photograph. On the right hand edge of the photograph there is a vertical tree with a dominant branch that is leaning into the field and into the photograph. The weeds are tilted, the clouds are tilted, everything in this photograph is tilted giving us the emotional clue, the visual clue, of the impact that something is not right. In all of those tilted lines and tilted angles the things tell us that the emotional impact of this photograph is a little bit askew. That is to say, metaphorically speaking, the person whose story is represented by the cross has probably passed away prematurely. This was an accident; this wasn’t supposed to happen; this person is a relatively young person. (We can tell if we look at the details on the cross they were only 44 years old when that  accident took their life.) All of these tilted lines tend to give us that emotional feeling.

Another aspect of this photographic that contributes to that are the animal tracks on the left-hand side of the photograph. I have to admit, I didn’t see those animal tracks at first, and when I mentioned it to Douglas Stockdale in my interview with him he was not particularly conscious of them either. He knew they were there, but the importance of them in the photograph is so subtle. They are the traits of life no longer visible and that is the metaphor of the entire photograph – life no longer visible. And, of course, that same metaphor exists in the stalks of the winter weeds. All of this contributes to reinforcing the feeling that we get from the primary subject in the center of this photograph.

Brooks Jensen

Winter Field was one of the photographs published in LensWork (magazine) issue #74, January – February 2008 as part of my portfolio In Passing. Subsequently In Passing self-published 2008 as hardcover book with Blurb, now out of print.

Continuing to evaluate this photograph in a broader context as a part of my project Lest I Forget


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