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February 28, 2013

Photographing with a purpose

05-10-08 TCGC neg 1-2 lr-1x scan n cropped

Copyright 2008 Douglas Stockdale

I have been looking at the photographs that I made in 2008 for my project Places in Between, which in retrospect was not all that well thought out. It was part of SoFoBoMo, so I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to photograph, but the concept was not as well-defined. Thus like the Cheshire Cat admonished Alice, if you do not know where you want to go, any pathway (photograph) will do.

Nevertheless, this composition is actually well in line with my current project requirements, except now I understand what kind of light I want. In this case above I made the image during a dull overcast sky, but I now want this specific image made in glorious sunshine, which thankfully here in Southern California is rather common. This location is not far, either a long walk or a very short drive away. I have been monitoring the sunlight to anticipate photographing a similar composition, which appears that I need to work on it in the afternoon. I have not been there recently, so I am not sure if the background flowers are blooming  (but yet to decide if this makes a difference). Also, may not have the flying flag in the background of the composition either as the photograph above was made just before the 4th of July.

So a nice study that I can now refine during the next set of exposures.


February 27, 2013

Rancho Santa Margarita – work in progress

02-10-13 TCGC - Reata lr-1x scan

copyright 2013 Douglas Stockdale

I just realized that it has been a few years since I last scanned one of my film transparencies with the Nikon L8000 film scanner. Rusty skills, but thank goodness, it is quickly coming back. Perhaps much like riding a bicycle. This is a 1x scan resolution and I am not sure about the color cast. If this photograph makes the final selection, I will rescan it again at 16x.

I will be doing much more of this scanning for a while as I work on my current project. One of the nice things about working local, fewer worries about transporting film through the airport and the security systems.


February 8, 2013

Book design in progress: Flow of Light Brush the Shadow

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01-15-08 PingHu_1593 108

Untitled (PingHu) copyright 2008 Douglas Stockdale

I have completed the first edit for my photobook project Flow of Light Brush the Shadows and have embarked into the early stages of developing the book dummy. Thus I am giving a lot of consideration to sequencing and image pairing to establish the flow or narrative aspects of the book. For this investigation of memory & dreams I want to incorporate gate-folds into the design of this book. For some reason, the first set of gate-folds was just very obvious to me, almost like a no-brainer. The second set was not initially as obvious, but while being open to this design element, it seemed that the a specific pair of images worked in a similar way. So now I am looking for a third set, but I want to add a slight twist to it.

I guess that this is about when I should also be starting my interest list for those who want to acquire this photobook project when it is published. This may help me with targeting the quantity of books for the first run, whether this should be 100, 300 or more. So leave me a comment as to your interest and we will see where this goes.


February 2, 2013

Project feedback

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01-15-08 JiaShan_1576 108

Untitled (JiaShan) copyright 2008 Douglas Stockdale

While at the LA Art Book Fair yesterday, I used a page from my own photobook development workshop, that is to obtain feedback from somebody you trust to review a project that is in progress.

I belive that an artists needs to obtain some self-checks during the concept development process. First is an idea bounce, does it seem congruent? Then time to work the concept, but then later some checks and feedback during the process; am I hitting my mark (intent)? For the concept I am developing is the work consistent with that concept? Sometimes I become too insular and perhaps while working on a project, the work starts to drift and all of sudden I realize that I am not where I thought I wanted to be. BTW, that can also be a good thing, so I don’t discount the muddling process of development, sometimes that can be essential part of the investigation.

And the feedback was very positive, so I am continuing to develop my concept for Flow of Light Brush the Shadow. In fact I am writing this while the printer hummmms in the background for some new prints for this project.

BTW one of the other reasons for attending the LA Art Book Fair (yes, I did bring back to the studio another arm full of photobooks, darn) was discussing with various publishers the projects that they have in progress to determine if there is a fit with my current project. Perhaps, as I realize that the concept of my project is dead-on with what the contemporary publishers are considering, but my photographic process is not.


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