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September 16, 2012

Fotografia photobook exhibition – update

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I find it interesting as to how much of my available time is required to curate the photobook exhibition at Fotografia di Roma. The exhibition opens this Thursday at 8pm and runs through the end of October. Whereas I had plans to be in Rome for the exhibition opening, my travel plans unraveled and I will not be present after all. Bummmmmer!

Nevertheless it appears that this will be an interesting photobook exhibition that will broadly investigate the theme of “work”. At this time most of the books have been delivered and my concept for the photographers to rephotograph their books interior for a related exhibition has been met by the vast majority. Nice.

Likewise, I have reviewed most of the photobooks that I have selected on my blog The PhotoBook. I still have a few more commentaries to complete. I have a couple of additional photobooks that were not included in the exhibition, but merit a book review that could be grouped with the others, so I expect to publish those later this month.

Last, since the vast majority of my photobook selections were in my library, I am going to provide a one-evening display of this exhibition at the Irvine Fine Art Center (Irvine, CA) at 6:30 pm on October 18th, along with a short presentation about the books and there relationship to the “work” theme.

Now I can resume work on my own photographic projects! I still have some trade and Limited Editions of my book Ciociaria available for sale and like other artists, seeking venue opportunities for exhibition.

Best regards, Doug

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