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May 30, 2012

L’Instant Nomade – The Instant Nomad

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photograph copyright 2012 Douglas Stockdale

For the last four or five months, I have been quietly working on a project about work and identity. No too much ado, but just posting an occasional singular image and a brief reference to what it might be about. For me, there is an interesting interplay between the photographs, the intent of my artistic investigation and the title of the project, with sometimes the latter taking on more significance for me than perhaps is warranted. Then again, it can be the cover of the book that attracts one’s interest enough to desire to know more, eh?

So for this project I have been banging around with a number of potential titles related to the subject for my concept; the constant global traveler who bounces from business meeting to business meeting. It is a subject that I know intimately, as this is what I do for work over the past twenty plus years.

One of the potential titles that had been lingering for the past month is “Business Nomad”, an individual who wanders the terrain in pursuit of business endeavors. I was really becoming attached to the word “Nomad”, but the word “Business” was a little too cut and dried and did not create enough ambiguity. The “Business” aspect seemed to focus in on the “work” as a noun and did not allow much space for “work” as a verb. This was regrettable, as I wanted to explore both aspects of work, how it defined a profession but it is also a process that required unique efforts. I did not want to become too boxed in for what I was exploring, although it did open another alternative pathway to investigate at a later date.

So while very briefly passing through Paris last week, I had one of those serendipity eureka moments. I was waiting for my taxi and decided to photograph an adjacent building interior. I found a subject of interest and I was framing it very tight. When I stepped back to observe the larger context I then caught sight of the sign on the wall: L’Instant Nomade. My French is steadily improving, but the translation to English is not that challenging: The Instant Nomad. In order to suit my taste, I truncated it to “Instant Nomad”. Nice.

The highlighting and underscoring of the word L’Instant is wonderful, creating separation and visual emphasis on the first word. Part noun, part verb; I think I have the title to my project and perhaps the cover of the book, a very nice two-fer one.

Best regards, Doug

May 19, 2012

Kellie’s 5K Challenge – Week One

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OC 5K course – Douglas Stockdale 2012

Week one of my 5K challenge was interesting and a bag of mixed results.

First the good news, I did work on this for the entire week and I am convinced that I can complete a 5K in under an hour. For most of you, I am assuming that you are now very impressed with my galloping, heart wrenching blaze of glory. Me too!

I have a 5K training course plotted out which is not so easy and I have started using it. Woppee! I now have two pair of running shoes, one if not both, might work, jury is still out on both of them. But one pair will get me over the finish line, that I am sure of. Meanwhile I received from Paul Butzi an alternative shoe to look at, the Merrell “barefoot” shoes, which if I understand is a mid-foot strike similar to my new pair of Skechers. Does make me wonder how many photographers are also runners. Also some new running shorts and shirts, whose logos are proving to be a big power boost.

On the down side, not exactly able to maintain even a light jog yet for the entire course, and worse, my knees are beginning to haunt me again, both if I try to out right run and the following morning. A big concern as I do not want to be heading down the path to knee replacement surgery. A friend and sister-in-law have illustrated that this is a painful alternative. So maybe I can sneak a bike into the eventual 5K run?

Oh, and I did lose one pound, but that must be a result of converting huge masses of flab to dense powerful muscle. I will know for sure when my pants are not quite so tight around the waist.

Best regards, Doug

Kellie’s 5K Challenge – training course

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Today I mapped out a route through my neighborhood that appeared to provide me with a 5K training course. One of the issues with South Orange County is that this area is not flat. But the good news is if I can work in a decent time on this undulating course, then I should be even better off if the 5K is flat. Likewise, with the inclines and declines to navigate during training, I will be prepared if the 5K run is situated in a similar course. Being the optimist, training on the a course that has some inclines built should help with the endurance.

So I drove the course and my odometer came in at just over 3.1 miles. Perfect! Most of this route I am on the street, and when I am not, the side-walk meanders from side to side because we are in a nouveau neighbor hood, as we certainly can not have straight sidewalks. The other aspect of Southern California versus the East coast, we do not have hard winters with frost, freeze and snow, thus the sidewalks are really flat, without the sidewalk lifting up or dropping down with each section. The downside is learning to run in Southern California, you cruise over the top of the sidewalk and when you try this on an East coast side-walk, we will catch a toe on a sidewalk edge and tops turvy, ass over teakettle.

So I did my first run (okay jog/walk) on this course and it was not bad, my time was right at 45 minutes. Lots of room for improvement! So it appears that I dropped about 5 minutes from yesterday, which seems like a large improvement in one day. Perhaps it was the new running shorts and running shirt that I bought this afternoon and those fancy logos really provide a powerful boost. Or it maybe that I also purchased another pair of running shoes that seemed to feel better when I was jogging. My first pair was supposed to be some traditional running shoes by Skeetcher, but I think that they still have some of their fancy technology built-in the middle of the shoe to attempt to move you away from heel strikes. The Skeetcher’s feel odd. So let’s give some credit where it is due to the Brooks running shoes.

Only issue is that when I did pick up the pace faster than the light jog, my right knee started to get jabbing pains. Pains I don’t fondly remember from four years ago when I really, really wrenched that knee bad skiing in Vail. That put me on crutches for about four weeks. When I slowed the pace down to a very light jog, the pain subsided. I think that I will be looking for a knee brace now.

Best regards, Doug

May 18, 2012

Convergence & Resonance

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CDG – Douglas Stockdale 2012

It is interesting that while I am in the process of vetting one project that another related project gains clarity (convergence). Or maybe said in another way, as I refine the concept of a project and gain a better understanding of the images that I believe should be included, the images that I believe should be excluded begin to create the foundations of an alternative project. Perhaps the logic is really the opposite of convergence as the one becomes two (divergence).

There seem to be groups of compositions that keep competing for my attention (resonance) and soon it seems a critical mass starts to occur. Rather than fight or ignore images that I seem to repeat in different variations, I have taken perhaps a more zen like attitude to accept and enjoy it. I suspect something is lurking under the surface and it just might take a while to hear my muse whispering every so softly. In this specific case, my intent was to explore a concept about identity, which is coming together, but there is another sub-text that starts to have its own voice.

Another aspect of the messiness involved while exploring concepts.

Best regards, Doug

May 16, 2012

Kellie’s 5K Challenge – Equipment training

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mile and a half in – Douglas Stockdale 2012

I think some people loath them, others luv ’em, and what I am talking about is the use of running machines, those stationary treadmills that enable you to literally go nowhere fast. As for me, I like ’em!

And I think that they are cool for a number of reasons. Firstly, they provide some give in the rolling “ground”, which for my knees is easier on me than running on the concrete sidewalk alternatives. If I am going to start building up some endurance, I need to ease into it, rather than blowing out the knee joints and ending up back on the couch.

Second, I think it is very helpful with the various analytics and feedbacks; such as calories (not big on my list at the moment), distance, speed and time. The newer treadmills have a very important feature, heart rate monitors, so that I can understand which might be going on inside my own machine when I jog versus a brisk walk. At the moment, the brisk walk (3.5 mph) is not bad, about 105. What concerns me is that a very slight increase to a light job (4 mph) is enough to zoom my heart rate over 135 if I do the jog for over ten minutes. I would be more comfortable if this was in the 120 – 125 range. So that is my first goal, conditioning and losing some weight to get the jogging into the heart rate of the 120 – 125 range.

What I don’t like about the new equipment, it does not come with an expresso dispenser. In fact I would settle for just an ordinary coffee machine. Too early in the morning to be doing this fool hardy stuff without the cup of joe.

What I did today: 2 miles in about a half-hour.

Best regards, Doug

Kellie’s 5K Challenge – Training diet

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Sweet temptations – Douglas Stockdale 2012

Another part of a training for a run is maintaining a good diet, with a proper balance of carbs, proteins and fats. And after making that decision, it seems that is when folks starting bringing in the sweet temptations. It’s like they have a sixth sense for this, knowing what might be a vulnerable weakness. Very evil. And then this overflowing plate just seems to follow me from one room to another.

All the while, the caves are still just a little sore from the morning’s treadmill. sigh. And I did the good thing for lunch and traded up the can of Coke for a bottle of water, which in retrospect did not seem like a big deal. So less sugar carbonated Carmel flavored water for just plain water.

Likewise for dinner, some lightly grilled salmon and stir fry chicken with mango, along with one glass of Pinot Noir. Someone recently shared with me that Pinot Noir may be one of the best red wines, with almost 3x the amount of antioxidants as other red wines. I don’t know if that is true, but I like the sounds of that.

I think it is tough to travel and find the right balance of food, but if I don’t look for that balance then its easy and brainless to make the “almost right” decisions, which slowly allow the pounds to creep on. So one thing to do is for me to think of eating as part of training, selecting great tasting food that will work for me, not against me. Good food does not have to be boring and dull, but can be a delight to the taste buds. Just choose well, and if I have that yummy chocolate cake craving, go ahead and get a slice for the table; taking one bite to satisfy the craving and then pass it along.

Best regards, Doug

May 15, 2012

Kellie’s 5K Challenge – Interval training part 2

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da machine, copyright Douglas Stockdale 2012

Yesterday I commented on interval training from the perspective of alternating my walking/jogging/running sequence while making my distance. With a lot more walking than the other two alternatives at the moment. The other part of this is how often to train? Every day, every other day, or perhaps once per week? My goal is not option 3, but at this point in getting started, not sure about once per day either. So my goal now is to have a training event every other day and to start incorporating more walking opportunities in my every day events, such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator for a couple of flights up (or down).

So Kellie text’s me on a recent trip, not hello, not good-bye nor safe travels, but “did you bring your running shoes”? As though I might not. HA! But she was right, it is not my norm to bring running shoes with me on a trip, as I prefer to travel light and not bring what I don’t need. And I do need a tripod. So yes, I did bring my running shoes, now realizing that I really don’t have any running shorts. I think I either outgrew them or wore them out a few years ago and I suppose I would not be in my current fix if I would have replaced them. So now I will be back to the running store for some cool running shorts. Because if you are not fast, at least I need to look like I ought to be.

Maybe find something with some orange flames on them ;- D

Best regards, Doug

May 14, 2012

Kellie’s 5K Challenage – Interval training

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Just a little sweat

So what I remember from my High School field and track days, interval training is a great way to build up your stamina and speed. Yes, yours truly was part of great 1 mile relay team that rocked our conference, with my 1/4 mile leg perhaps not gaining ground, but rarely did I lose anything in the process.

The H.S. version was to run a quarter-mile, then two sets of 100 yard wind sprints, then back to another quarter-mile. Repeat until your legs turned to jelly, which if I recall that at the tender age of 17  seemed to take forever. Hmmm, that sure was not the case for my first day.

Now the interval is a short quarter-mile jog until the legs were screaming, then a nice brisk walk for a while. I keep looking for some landmarks to use for future reference, such as a big tree just beyond the next corner. My goal of course is to keep stretching the intervals where I am jogging and slowly reduce the time I am walking. For some reason I suspect that this is going to take a while long than the last time I began a similar program to start running.

Big issue which I am trying to stay ahead of is my knees. Waking up at 3 or 4am with my knees really, really hurting is no fun. Thus attempting to make sure that I have the right running shoes for concrete, that will absorb the impact. And this time I will be content with moving briskly, not a full run as I have in the past. Those glory days are sweet memories.

In retrospect, I should have waited to take my “exertion evidence” photo until I arrived at home from this walk/run as I did sweat just a tab bit more and created the appearance that I might have expended some effort.

Best regards, Doug

Kellie’s 5K Challenge – Day one of training

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Day one

Sometimes I really wonder what I get myself into. So yesterday while talking with my daughter, she stated that the very best thing that I could do for myself is to run and not walk my 5 miles. And to do that 5 miles more frequently than what I do today. Anyhow, one thing lead to another and then now I have a challenge to participate in a 5k run with her.

And I could see in her eyes that my usual reasons as to why this might not be possible were falling on deaf ears. Really deaf ears. sheeeese.

So if I am into this, then I am going to make it happen, AND I will not only participate in a 5K run, but it is my goal to do in a shorter time than smarty pants. Or maybe just plain finish.

So after brunch today (and now regretting those nice and fluffy stack of pancakes) I bought a new pair of running shoes, as my “walking” shoes are not going to cut it. Which is okay, as they were showing some pretty bad wear. And determined that today would also be my first training day. No planning or preparation, just cold turkey start it.

We have an interesting long block that winds up and down and around for about 5 miles. So todays goal, get ‘er done in under one hour. Yes, that kind of blazing speed is what I am talking about!

Results: 50 minutes.

Hmmm, not so bad, other than my legs feel like logs. I do belive that might be because of a little too much lactic acid and probably not drinking enough water. I suspect that will change.

Also, about mid way around the block, I starting wonder about how much I weight these days? Okay, I think the scale needs some recalibration, but just for grins, lets say I hit 200 lbs right now (actually hoping for 190). I suspect that will change, as I do not need to be carrying around any more than I need to. But I also know that initially I have to create some lean body mass and muscle is denser than the other stuff.

So part way along on my jog, I had the wonderful idea that I could post my progress here. And since this is a photo-blog, take some Blackberry photos to illustrate my progress. So about that time while crossing a street intersection, I spied an excellent metaphor to start this whole thing off with as well as an opportunity showing off my spiffy new shoes and muscular legs.

Best regards, Doug

May 12, 2012

Ciociaria – Limited Edition Book + Photograph set

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Copyright Douglas Stockdale 2011

I recently published two small versions of a Limited Edition Book + Photograph set in conjunction with my hardcover book Ciociaria. The edition size for both versions is 25 and I choose two photographs which were not included in the design and printing of the book. Both the photograph and book are signed and numbered, with the photograph printed on archival stock. After a number of discussions with Susan Burnstine during the development of this Limited Edition set, I opted to go with an inexpensive version to keep my costs low and a reasonable for this Limited Edition, which is priced at $150.00 per set.

The initial interest in the two Limited Edition sets is good and I am nearing the halfway point for selling the editions. I can’t say they are selling like hotcakes, but doing well enough and building a small reserve fund to finance my next book that I hope to be able to announce shortly.

The Fiuggi Edition, photograph below, was an interesting turning point for me while working on this project. I had been deferring to a more topographical investigation of the memories of this area, which is to say photographing the landscape without the presence of any individuals. As this scene unfolded before me, it spoke of another way to create a narrative as to how memory is preserved. But as book designs go, with the choice, pairing and sequencing of the images, this photograph did not find a good home within the book. So it seemed a nature to include this as a special edition.

Fiuggi Editon


The other version of the Limited Edition is the Morolo Edition, which includes the photograph below. I saw this lyrical web of branches with the different phases of the decaying fruit and hints of the surrounding residences. It speaks to the past memories intersecting with the current moment.

The Limited Edition Book + Photograph sets will be available from speciality photographic bookstores.

Now available at:

Ampersand, Portland Oregon

Coming soon to photo-eye > UPDATE now available at photo-eye

The standard hardcover book at $55.00 is currently available at both Ampersand and photo-eye.

Additiona interior photographs from the book and links to some of the book reviews can be found here.

Check back as I expect this bookseller list to grow.

Best regards, Doug

Morolo Edition

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