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October 30, 2010

English Autumn

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English Autumn copyright 2010 Douglas Stockdale

On the late afternoon train from Wrexham (Wales) to London, I had passed well into England when the train made a brief stop (not sure where) and I recognized that the light breeze moving the leaves would create a mildly abstract composition with a longer shutter speed. So I stepped down the aperture a couple of more stops in the late afternoon light and the results are about as intended. The subjects are recognizable but different, maybe a little distrubing or not “right”, nor what we could visually perceive. nice.

October 25, 2010

Ciociaria – Porciano

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Porciano Copyright 2010 Douglas Stockdale

We had just started a nice conversation about their small town, Porciano, perched high on this hill side when the rain started to drizzle, so I quickly asked to take their photograph and they agreed, and they then moved to this comfortable position amongst themselves in the door way.

October 24, 2010

Italian Landscape – Piglio

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Piglio copyright 2010 Douglas Stockdale

This is the regional landscape location of the city of Piglio, inclusive of the vineyards that has made the Cesanese wine of Piglio famous.

October 23, 2010

Italian Landscape – Morolo

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Morolo Copyright 2010 Douglas Stockdale

While working on my project Ciociaria, I had the opportunity to wander through the area surrounding the hill-side city of Morolo. I had paused to photograph one area, but when I was about to leave, I decided to follow another rule of thumb of mine; to turn around and look at what else might be there.

Although with much less content than what had immediately captured my interest, this rural landscape looking out to the valley below with this small road winding down the hill through the adjacent olive trees is intriguing and more of a poetic narrative. nice.

Note: after posting this photograph on the web, it appears a little washed out compared to my PhotoShop version, and since I am using the same portable monitor, it is not a calibration issue. My guess is that it is a color space issue, as I usual work in Adobe RGB and to too lazy to convert to the sRGB before posting,  so below is the original version for comparison. I think that the greatest difference is in dark areas, with the original below not mainting the higher contrast I was attempting to utilize.

October 15, 2010

Milan Fashion Week

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Photographs copyright Douglas Stockdale

I have just completed the development and sequencing of my recent photography project, Milan Fashion Week, which is currently available in a blog style photobook layout. More about this conceptual presentation in just a moment. BTW, what follows is not your normal photographic artistic statement, I am just not up to that today.

First, if you have not been following my project’s progression on Singular Images, here is the background story. I initially conceived the idea while I was in Milano Italy during Fashion Week in 2009. Since I feel that every good professional photographer should have a fashion portfolio, I decided that this was an excellent time to investigate the fashion industry and develop mine. Milano is the number one fashion city, and Milano’s Fashion Week is also a must for the Fashion industry, so this place and event should give me plenty of raw material to work from. nice. (okay, this is probably the time to provide the sarcasm warning alert, which I hope is self-evident when you review my project).

 After returning to SoCal in October last year and as a result a series of mis-adventures, I placed this project on hold. Occasionally while traveling through Italy this last year, I found myself reacting to some related situations, but it was my trip to Milano last month in September, the month of Fashion Week, which provided me with the opportunity to finish this project.

The initial concept was finding ready-make images that I could then develop as my own, but then the project morphed a little and became a bit of a delightful mash-up.

When I conceived of this project, it was with the intent to publish it, but also a vehicle to explore some other digital and virtual design concepts. Using a blog with some careful forethought about sequencing and design, I crafted a digital version of this project, which might also be considered a virtual photobook dummy. The layout is a vertical strip of photographs that sequences each image as a blog entry. By setting the blog defaults, I am able to sequence all 35 images on the blog’s front page, thus the entire project can be sequentially scrolled through its entirety. Perhaps with a slight tilt to the Japanese or Chinese manner of reading from top to bottom than the American-European manner of experiencing a photobook.

Interestingly, this blog photobook predates the launch of the i-Pad, which I now wonder how this project might fit and function on this  and similar devices. Just not enough to go and buy one, so if you can look at this blog project on an i-Pad or similar, I would appreciate your comments. please.

As a photobook reviewer, it is my intent that at some point this virtual photobook will be published in a hand-held medium, perhaps by myself, perhaps with another publisher. I am open to suggestions;- )

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have,

Best regards, Douglas


October 11, 2010

Milano Fashion Week – an update

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Accessorize Copyright 2010 by Douglas Stockdale

Last year after initiating my project Milan Fashion Week, it quickly began to look like this little project was the project that couldn’t. While I was after transferring the digital files from my portable to my desktop computer last September, I somehow lost all of my files and was only able to recover part of my work. So a long story made short, I did what I could with what I had and then found a creative way to fill in the voids. Meanwhile early this year I found my missing photographs from the past September (some mistaken key stoke moved everything off my desktop to some random location), but by that time, I was really tied up with some other things and the enthusiasm for this project had cooled.

As luck would have it, I was back in Milano this last September, when fashion week occurs! A second chance. sweet!  Now after being in Milano this September to begin filling in a few of my photo-project gaps, my enthusiasm has returned. nice!

So I am starting to replace my project “placeholders” and determine the final squencing of my on-line photobook “dummy”.

Best regrards, Douglas

October 3, 2010

Rome – FCO VIP Lounge

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Rome Airport – FCO – VIP Lounge copyright 2010 Douglas Stockdale

I am back from almost a month in Europe, part Holiday and part Day Job, with some photography worked into the edges. I am still working on a somewhat stealth project about business travel, somewhat akin to my earlier Insomnia: Hotel Noir photo-project. As titles go, similar to the amount of text, not sure how descriptive it needs to be, e.g. Rome Airport (Fiumicino) or just the airport code FCO or the airports full official Italian title, or where in the airport it was photographed. Okay having my engineering roots, I tend to be somewhat literal and not very oblique. Part of why this is still a project that is in progress. Also thinking that this will probably end up being a small edition PIY photobook.

Best regards, Douglas

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