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May 21, 2010

back in 1982

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I recently received an email from one of my old buddies, Gary Riha, which had a couple of scans, one of the  exhibition announcement of our first two person show, and the other of me at our “reception”.

Back in 1982, Gary Riha and I had our first two person exhibition at the Valencia library in Southern California. We both exhibited our silver gelatin prints and I also include a series of SX-70 (Polaroid) prints. If I recall, as that was a while ago, the subject of our black and white photographs was the natural landscape, while the subject of my SX-70 images was the urban landscape. I think that the largest print in this exhibit was 11 x 14″, with archival white mattes, usually in a metal aluminum frame.

I had designed and typeset the announcement, which we dutifully mailed out to all of the local photo galleries in the Southern California area. I think that was six of the 50 I had printed, so we mailed them to the galleries in Northern California and that was another half dozen. The photo world was smaller then. The remainder went out to family and friends.  Only later did we learn it was MUCH better to include at least one photograph from the exhibit, but it did not matter, that type of expense was not in our budget at the time. A real shoe-string budget. sigh.

Now fond memories, as it was pretty exhilarating then to see your work hanging publicly on a wall for the first time.

Best regards, Douglas

May 14, 2010

Fiuggi Nightscape

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Fuiggi, Italy, Midnight copyright of Douglas Stockdale

On my recent trip to Italy, I decided to bring along the tripod to initiate some studies of Fuiggi at night. Not sure that this will develop into a full project, but I am open to “see” what happens. Meanwhile, it is intersting…

Best regards, Douglas

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