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October 25, 2009

Milan Fashion Week

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Welcome to Milano: Fashion Week! by Douglas Stockdale

In a bit of a marathon today, I finished posting my photo project Milan Fashion Week. I just hope that I really don’t need to explain that it may be a social-cultural satire, but you can never tell.

Another aspect of this project is how it is shared, sans formal gallery, nor a self-published book that few, if any will ultimately purchase. Constructing and designing a blog that allows the project to unfold is about a democratic and open distribution. This is also about what we do with a completed project, that provides some underlying structure and accessibility.

The implications are that if this is a better means of sharing access to a project, then I have some work cut out to restructure my prior projects. But first things first, which is to determine how well this particular experiment works.

Best regards, Douglas

October 21, 2009

Still developing Milan Fashion Week

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Fashion Week Accessory: Paparazzi by Douglas Stockdale from the project: Milan Fashion Week

Although I lost a couple of days of photo files from when I was in Milan last month, I had hoped to fill in the gaps in my project when I returned to Milan at the end of this month, possibly the begining of November. It now appears that my return to Milan will be probably be later in the Fall, with my principal assignment is being changed to Rome. I think that I can make Rome work and it should be an excellent location to obtain the remaining photographs that I want. nice.

I am also starting to frame out my intent for this project, in that it might need a little more of an external context, but still maintain  a lot of mystery. The questions are more important than the answers.

Best regards, Douglas

BTW the above fashion photograph was created with an Italian fashion magazine, not often you can catch the paparazzi in action.

Update: I had published my first photographer’s statement on this project, part to get out there as well as to think a little more about how well I had defined this project.  But I did not feel entirely comfortable with that first attempt, so I tried again. It is now starting to come together, so here it is for a little wider distribution (not many folks are checking this project-blog as of yet, so go give it a read and let me know what you think):

Milan Fashion Week: What is the purpose of high fashion? To inspire us to purchase garments and accessories that might better represent our true inner self? Is the pursuit of fashion an attainment of a dream like persona, defined by a transitory group of designers, models, and photographers? This  September I was in Milan for Fashion Week to investigated these questions. This is my report, as well as my own fashion portfolio.

October 10, 2009

Working on my fashion project

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Fashion_PavillionsFashion Pavillions by Douglas Stockdale from the project Milan Fashion Week

One of my challenges for blogging my photo-project Milan Fashion Week is to think of my postings in reverse, as I want someone to connect to the blog and experience it as I envision as they scroll down. Which means posting the last images first, the first images last, as I make a separate post for each photograph.

The biggest complication was losing the last two days of the shoot while I was in Milan and not sure when I will be back again to fill in the gaps. There is a small chance that I may be back in Milan this November, but it will be different than the warm, sunny days we had a couple of weeks ago during Fashion Week. bummmer.

But this project does not necessarily need to be photographed entirely in Milan. Great being in Milan during Fashion Week fired me up for this project, so the momentum carries me forward as I develop my conceptual intent. Perhaps not the first person to mock this whole fashion thing, but just as Old Blue Eyes sang, I’m doing it my wayyyyyy….

Okay, enough for now, back to editing and posting…and I have a couple of book reviews that I am in the middle of for photo-eye magazine, which I need to finish…

Best regards, Doug

October 4, 2009

Netherland & Texas cliches

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Copyright of Douglas Stockdale

Over the last couple of weeks I have been doing some traveling and sitting either in a train or a plane, while being carried along, I see some cliches. They just seem to be fun to try and catch and sometimes some new happens. Two from the Netherlands from a couple of weeks ago on a early, foggy morning, and the other, below, of the wind swept clouds over Dallas, TX.

At the moment, with nothing specific in mind, I am just doing some sharing. I guess my version of Flickr, eh?

Best regards, Doug



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