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August 31, 2009

Summer heat

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Georgia summer heat and humidity;  as you walk out the door of your air conditioned house (low temp and low humidity), you hit the wall of warm sticky heat. If your lens is not covered,  the front element is immediately coated with a fine layer of condensate and this is what you get. I did not mind, as this photograph immediately recalls the experience of the heat & humidity for me, although I am not sure that the large amount of high edge flare would be always be read that way. But it works fine for me;- )

If you have a very inexpensive camera, you may find that the condensate is coating some interior layers of glass as well, and potentially your sensor. And that may take a while to come to equilibrium and for the condensate to evaporte away. This happened to a couple of inexpensive camera of the family members.

Best regards, Doug

August 30, 2009

Fort Frederica GA

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A while back I was impressed by some photographs that Aline Smithson had posted on Lenscratch for a photographer (sorry, name escapes me) who had photographed some museum exhibits, which looked wonderful. So while walking through the small museum at Ft Frederica on St Simons island, I could not resist. All I had to do was chose my composition. nice.

Best regards, Doug

BTW this was depicting the Britsh, led by James Oglethorpe at the Battle of Bloody Marsh, against the Spanish in 1742 over control for this region of the (American) colonies.

St Simons – Places Amongst Us

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St Simons, GA

August 29, 2009

GA beach cottage

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Beach cottage, St Simons GA copyright of Douglas Stockdale

This is one of those photographs that will serve as a memory link to a nice vacation with most of my family on St Simons island on the S.E. coast of the Atlantic. I had been eyeing this corner for most of the week, but then when we had some overcast days with some occasional rain, the lighting seemed right.

Photographs serve many purposes and documenting such a scene, which will link my memory to my feelings of this time, is but one use. The condensate that is on the inside of the window will remind me that we had a/c inside the cottage, keeping things cool, while outside it was a bit hot and humid. I found out that the fishy weather vane had been on the roof, but at sometime it came down and now sits in vigil in this corner of the dining room. The shell box on the table was constantly be refilled by newly found shells, but then the shells would then be borrowed away, to be played with as part of some game by the kids. The ebb and flow of empty shells. The wicker chair on the edge, was much like all of the wicker chairs through the cottage and similar to the wicker rocking chairs on the “front” porch, overloading the beach. With the wooden floors, nobody paid much attention if they were dripping wet when just coming off playing in the surf and needed a coke from the fridge. Usually a water puddle or two at most times through out the day.

Already nice memories….

Best regards, Doug

Waycross – Places Amongst Us

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Waycross, GA 2009 copyright Douglas Stockdale

August 25, 2009

[Re]starting a project

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A couple of days ago, I re-validated my advice to others; if you just start to work on a (past/new) project, the act of working on the project engages your mind and vision and pretty soon you are in high gear, with the work flowing easily again.

No related photo to post about this, as my monitor on my portable is not color calibrated. On past trips I have returned to my studio (calibrated) monitor to see what I had posted using the portable and thought; Egads, my stuff looks horrible.

So to my point,  earlier on this trip, I took a walking tour and started working on the GA version of one of my projects, “Places Amongst Us”.  Initially it just some what-if’s, but very quickly I shifted from looking to seeing. I started to find all kinds of compositions that were in alignment with my earlier intent, how neighboring folks define their borders and space.  Ya know, mark their turf kinda of stuff, which I find interesting.

So one thing has lead to another and I am feeling fully engaged. nice.

And so this project continues to evolve with a larger geographic scope, including: CA, CO, OR, KS, MO, NV and now GA.

Best regards, Doug

August 21, 2009

Top 10 by Source

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Last week I was contacted by the editor of the Irish photo magazine Source  for an interview, as they had determined that my articles and photobook reviews that I publish on The PhotoBook was a blog that they wanted to highlight as one of the top ten blogs that photographers should be reading. The interview was just published yesterday. Wow, that was a nice validation of what I had hoped to accomplish!

Meanwhile, we have a get away for a couple of days to the S.E. coast of GA to celebrate a couple of birthdays, so we did a day trip to Savannah yesterday. Mostly tourist type documentary photographs, but did work a little on one of my early projects, Places Amongst Us. Maybe work on that some more over the weekend, we’ll see (pardoning the pun).

Before we left, I still had not completed the formal book submission. I have most of the prints ready to go, but I wanted to go over my entire folio to ensure that I did not miss anything, so I will do that when I return. Then the whole packet will go off in the mail.

One of the benefits to the Blurb book was to visualize the entire project in a printed & bound form, to recheck the sequence and potential pairing. As a result, I did swap one photograph for another and I found myself tweaking the tonal range of about a dozen photographs or more. nice.

Best regards, Doug

BTW, in Savannah, most of the gang went for the Peel n eat Shrimp or the Crayfish,  butI went for a heap of pulled pork topped with that smoky & tangyyyy sauce, yum.

August 11, 2009

Each vote counts

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Reminder that Blurb is in the midst of their Photography.Book.Now judging and concurrently they have the “People’s Choice” Award.  So if you have not voted for your favorite book yet, and you really  like my mine, please vote for Insomnia: Hotel Noir here.

Best regards, Doug

August 9, 2009

Book submission back on track

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Interesting week, but the net result is that today I am getting back on track with my book submission for Insomnia: Hotel Noir.

First I could not  the user’s manual for the monitor calibration and it had been a bit too long since I had updated my monitor calibration (yeah, I know, not a smart thing with an LCD monitor), so it was not coming back to me very quickly. But then a brain-fart; I would do a quick comparison to one of my other monitor settings and sure enough I found a profile that put me back on track.

Then I needed to puchase the exact paper I wanted to use for my book submission, as I really want to put my best foot forward. I was lucky and found the right size and quanity way in the back of the paper bin at the only local camera store who carries the Harmon Fb Mp I needed. So far, so good.

Then I fired up the Epson 4800 and only find that I was essentially out of Light-Light Black. Grrrrr. I diffinitely need that ink, so back to another camera store that maintains a good stock of the Epson 4800 110ml replacement cartrigdes. Now I was back home in time to help pick up a birthday cake for my grandson’s birthday party and the rest of the day was having fun with the family and to print another day.

Which takes me to today. So I write this while my first test print air dries to ensure that everything is lined up. I guess I could have tucked it into the microwave to expidite the dry down, but my wife seems to think that this is not a bright idea as to how it might effect the food. I am not going to argue.

Which reminds, how I really like the look and feel of the Harman Fb Mp papers. so nice.

Best regards, Doug

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