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June 30, 2009

Insomnia – Blurb book almost complete


SideGate from the series Insomnia: Hotel Noir

It looks like I should be able to make the July 15th deadline for my Blurb book submission, as I just loaded this photograph, SideGate, as a full bleed image into my Booksmart page.

That leaves just one more photograph to go, and I have already completed most of the fine tune tweaking for it. And I just may have to let the photobook reviews drift a little bit, having just published Roger Ballen’s Boarding House on The PhotoBook. Next photobook review in line is David Maisel’s Library of Dust.

So now I need to get into the final editing in preparation of uploading it to Blurb. Also thinking that Insomnia will be available on the Blurb bookstore both as softcover and hardcover in the large 11 x 13″ size. At this point, it is probably getting to  where I need to convert the reporting of this project to the blog that I set up for Insomnia, at

Now, I set this book specific blog up, trying to follow my own advice on what to do in order to promote your own book. So I will soon seems what happens, eh?

Okay, then what do I write about here? Probably the other odds and ends stuff that comes up, and guess what? Once I complete this project, clear the decks, it is time to start working on my next project!

Wish I knew which one that will be…..but I still have a couple of weeks, eh?

Best regards, Doug

June 29, 2009

AwayStation revised

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AwayStation from the series Insomnia: Hotel Noir

Well after a little too long of a hiatus, I have found my Insomnia files that seemed to have been crawling around in the garage during the studio re-model. Well, I could not find them, and I certainly would know where I had stored them, eh?

I think the kick in the pants to sort through the piles of boxes (yes, the studio is still in a bit of chaos) was the interview I in the middle of with Darius Himes, the lead judge for Blurb’s Photography.Book.Now, that I will be publishing on The PhotoBook in the next couple days.  The submission deadline of July 16th is rapidly approaching. Yikes.

And I still have five images to finish prepping. sigh.

So where did I leave off? The photograph of the AwayStation (above) when I initially prepared it for the Blurb software template as a full bleed image, had some edge content that was at risk for Blurb’s 1/8″ possible trimmingprocess. I had some alternatives to make the neccessary adjustment, but decided on adding some canvas with Photoshop for the sky in the original file.  Since the sky is an inky black, this just seemed the easiest fix. So more sky, similar crop and now I have preserved some edge details that I would like to keep. nice.

So I am making some progress. The question is, am I going to finish the development of Insomnia in time to have one copied ordered & delivered for a final press check before I submit to Blurb’s book contest? I think that it will be very tight, as I should order it this coming weekend, which is the 4th of July holiday.

Best regards, Doug

June 24, 2009

Waiting for the studio furniture

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When we decided to put new flooring down in the studio, we also realized that we needed more individual working space. So we ordered some more furniture, which meant that everything did not go back into place after we had the new flooring installed. Because why load things into the existing stuff that is going to be replaced, then have to pack it again out of the old furniture and then reload it again into the new furniture? So I am in a bit of a holding pattern.

Thus the limited edition book of In Passing that I am developing for photo-eye has not progressed beyond the conceptual stage, but I am going to order some sample parts today and see if I can get this design finished. Otherwise it will be the end of July before I am done.

AND I have not worked on my photo project Insomnia for at least two weeks (or more). I know that the last image I worked on needs to go back into PhotoShop and for additional image tweaking to work with the book’s full bleed layout design.

Which means no SoFoBoMo this year. So instead of working on a SoFoBoMo project, I am instead reading other photobooks and writing reviews. At least that has not been a major disruption during this studio re-work. Well, at least it wasn’t until I could not find the book that I had started to review when the whole studio redesign started. That was a bit maddening, so I had switched gears to another book until I finally found the first one. sigh.

Now I am doing some Facebook development, and I am not sure how all of that will turn out. I have only started to dabble with Facebook, so I have a learning curve to come up to speed. But what I understand, Facebook is like a blog (this), but now I have more specific people that I are sharing it with. Will Facebook take the place of this blog? At this point, I am not sure, but when I am back on a roll working on my own photographic projects, I think that this blog will be the place for it. While working on background issues for the The PhotoBook, that might end up on Facebook, and publish the photobook reviews on The PhotoBook blog.

So I will see how things develop.

Best regards, Doug

June 23, 2009

The PhotoBook on Facebook

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Andy Adams of Flak Photo has kept recommending that I set up a Facebook page for The PhotoBook, which I finally did today. So I am going to try this and see what happens. So if you would like to become a “fan”, please follow the link (hope it works) and sign up. There will definitely be a little trial and error phase to this, but probably not unlike when I started Singular Images a couple of years ago.

Best regards, Doug

June 16, 2009

The New Renaissance Man

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A good friend of mine, Larry Vogel, has started a new blog this last weekend, called The New Renaissance Man. Although Larry is primarily a photographer, represented by the Susan Spiritus Gallery here in SoCal, he is muti-talented to the point of considering himself a new Renaissance Man.

His blogging intentions are stated here:

This blog is dedicated to the original Renaissance Man, Leonardo da Vinci. It is open to a new Renaissance Generation who explore the world as Creative Seekers. If you have ever been called creative, or perhaps you have been described as a “Renaissance Man”, you are in the right place to share and explore your creativity!

Creativity is an elusive quality, so we can use all of the help we can get.

Please check it out, and let Larry know that I suggested that you stop by;- )

Best regards, Doug

June 15, 2009

The PhotoBook

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First, interesting week. Having the new flooring laid in the studio was a one day job,and it looks great. But that was followed by the carpet in the house, only one day, eh? BUT with moving everything out to get the new stuff down, getting everything back in place is a slooooow pain in the hinny. Yeah, it is still not done yet, but we are making progress.

Meanwhile, early last week Miguel Garcai-Guzman had some nice stuff to say about my photo book review blog, The Photo Book on his blog, Exposure Compensation. Nice! Then a couple of days later, a nice follow on article was written on APhotoEditor and later that same day another article on Jen Bekman’s HeyHotShot! blog. All of a sudden, I found out how nice it is be the center of a small blog-buzz, and a good one at that. 

And today I have just published my 45th photo book review, Eiji Ina’s Emperor of Japan.

One of the outcomes of all of this was Miguel’s identifying my blog by the name PhotoBook, which everyone continued to use. hmmmm, it did not sound bad at all. Since it did not require any changes to the WordPress address, I just morphed the change from The Photo Book to The PhotoBook. Who knows, maybe I might just make it ThePhotoBook, but for now, The PhotoBook looks fine. This requires a little housekeeping for my internal links, but not that much work involved.

Very nice, and big thanks to Miguel for improving the look with a little more contemporary name.

Best regards, Doug

June 8, 2009

New Studio flooring

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Not much to write about at the moment. I am in the middle of installing new flooring in the studio, in preperation for the larger format printer that I have been considering. And as one thing leads to another, this little wood flooring project is being immediately followed up with carpets for the house, because now the carpets are looking tired.

Meanwhile with all of this going on, the desktop computer is down, the Epson 4800 is off in a side room and it is begining to appear that I will not be completing my SoFoBoMo project this month. In as I still have my project Insomnia in progress and I am trying to finish it by the end of this month, that really is my current priority for creating a photo book. Since I created a how-to techie photo book over two days last year during last year’s SoFoBoMo, I am not completly writing off a 2009 SoFoBoMo. But at the moment, I don’t really have my heart in it so far this year. We’ll see…

Best regards, Doug

June 2, 2009

Blurb – BookSmart 2.0 & 12×12″

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I received a heads-up from the Blurb PR folks that they were going to announce a new update on their free book-making software BookSmart. From the press release, it appears to have some of the attributes of InDesign, with added customization capabilities.

Wish I could say more, but the Blurb site is a bit slow in running for the download, as it usually stalls out at 80% download for me. So after three failed attempts, I’ll try again later tonight, or wait for the Lakers & Magic game on Thursday evening.

Blurb now has a new book format, a 12 x 12″ which might be of interest to the Hasselblad shooters or anyone else using the 6 x 6 cm square film format (not exactlly a digital format, eh?). I was kinda hoping for a larger horizontal than their current 11 x 13″, perhaps stretching it out to 11 x 14″, so it might fit in some standard size folio cases, etc. That would make a heck of a lot more sense to ME, but nobody was asking. Okay, a 12 x 12″ format is NOT exciting for me. Unless I dust off the Hasselblad and buy that 50mm lens that I feel that I need to create those open spacial relationships that I have been leaning towards lately.

But this updated BookSmart version may be of interest especially to those working their SoFoBoMo book projects. Unless of course you completed yourSoFoBoMo in May, then the groanner of re-doing it on the new software, but it very well may worth the effort. Okay, they must HAVE known about SoFoBoMo, so why did they wait to release it for only those June procrastinators get to use it??

I hope to get it downloaded and perhaps share some thoughts, sometime soon I hope.

Best regards, Doug

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