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February 27, 2009

Shamelessly Self-promoting myself

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One of the things you are suppose to do, if you want to be noticed and eventually sell a print or book or get a gallery representation, is to promote yourself. And in a round about way, I have been. And then again, I have not been really diligent in this area. sigh

As I read other blogs & web-sites by photographers and painters, I realize that I could do a little bit more shameless self-promo stuff. Such as keeping an update on the side bar where I am providing a workshop, I’m in an exhibition or keep track of when someone has something nice to say about me. Okay, only when something nice  is said, eh, so we will try to ignore the occasional flaming.

So I have added some new sidebars to this blog  to help take care of that. And so on my to-do list is to add these same items to my information page to my web site. I have a couple of these items on my web site, but not all of them.

Best regards, Doug

February 26, 2009

Working on my Workshop

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Not much to say recently as I need to finish the materials for my book-making workshop at the 23 Sandy Gallery in Portland for next month. So at the moment my series Insomnia is kinda on hold, I am thinking about it, but any time available is really needed to finish this workshop. I think it is going to be a lot of fun, but we have a lot of material to cover in one day;- )

And I just received word from Laura that the workshop is almost filled, with just one opening left. Nice.

Best regards, Doug

February 24, 2009

Featured on Lenscratch

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Just a quick note to mention that I was the featured Westcoast Photographer on Lenscratch today!

Which was a real delight to find on my return from another trip away from home.  Aline posted images from both my current in-process series Insomnia, as well as some from my series Re:Development about the current changes and subsequent effects that are on-going in China. very nice.

Best regards, Doug

BTW I was working also working on the Insomnia during this recent trip, refining some earlier images as well as working on some new material for this series.

February 22, 2009

What am I thinking – Feb 22, 2009

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Okay, that lead in, what am I thinking, can be taken a number of ways, maybe it is a Twitter or Facebook moment, eh?

I find myself working on my Insomnia series, drawn back into a black & white photographic series that is vagually about a place, and more about a place of mind.

It seems that I keep fighting & resisting what I am being drawn back into. I frequently state that I am now an urban (color) landscape photographer.  And I do photograph the urban topology, most recently the industrial/urban landscape of China.  But even the China landscape series has undertones of my perception of the emotional state of their society, however a brief glimpse that it was.

Then I abandon all that I am doing to come quickly back to this dormant series when I gain an insight in perhaps the best way to complete the series.

Okay, so that is what I am thinking….

Best regards, Doug

February 21, 2009

Insomnia – feedback

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In Transit 2 (version 2) from the series Insomnia – Hotel Noir photograph by Douglas Stockdale

One of the tests that I do for my series when it is getting fairly well developed is to show five prints at the Photographers Exchange meeting. And unusually it is a mix of prints that I am very comfortable with and some that I am not sure. In this case, one of the photographs that I was not as sure about was one of the two prologue photographs that perhaps was a little too abstract. And I was thinking that the area of warm tone was also a little too strong and should have the opacity of that adjustment level reduced to about 50%.

And that photograph that I had my most doubts about was exactly the one photograph that folks just did not get or even understand the basic underlying photograph. Perhaps the one comment  from a friend who works in relative abstract work, was that this one photograph was too unlike the other images. They all had some mystery as well, but this one just did not seem to fit in with the others and was beyond being mysterious.

Ahhhh, consistency.

So perhaps that was not the right prologue photograph after all. I certainly did not want to start my story line with too weak or inconsistent of an image, to  sent folks off on a non-linear tangent that really befuddled my own intent. I needed to set the stage properly and prepare the story line. So more work to do.

So after some thinking about this most of the day, I did another sort of my travel photographs and found one that may work a little better, above.  On my next couple of trips through the airport, I will have a decided purpose in the image that I am looking for. So if you are traveling along and dragging a bag through an airport, and there is a guy with a camera at waist level following you about, with a steady click, click, click, please turn and say hello.

Best regards, Doug

February 19, 2009

Bittersweet vacations

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When we set off for our annual skiing vacation, I had thought that I would continue working on a series that I initiated last year. As always, it seems that your creative work goes a little bit easier if you have a goal in mind, e.g. what the heck are you trying to accomplish kinda of thing. But I also realize that it is a “goal” and not a rigid requirement in the worst sense of the word.

So I had been thinking that this series woud be a little lighter and joyful than my past couple of series, about the delights of a vacation. What was I thinking, eh? Vacations are just like regular life, except for a little more planning, anticipation and occuring usually in a different locale.

Things go right, but things also go wrong, or different, or in this current case, someone gets hurt and breaks something. And all of the good intent and anticipated good times goes very, very sidewides. During the trip, I had vivid recollections of Julie Blackmon’s book Domestic Vocations that I had reviewed late last year.

Which was probably my aha! moment for this vacation series. Yep, nice to include the bright side of things, but just as good to not forget the downside of a vacation, such as the pile of mail and bills that await you, patiently knowing that they will quickly errase most of the pleasant thoughts of the vacation with their hard economic reality. sheeeese.

So anyhow, this is a messy series that is still in progress and I am getting a better understanding of the things that I want to photograph next year. Not that I can’t recreate some of those images now that I am back, but I might need some snow, which there is not a whole lot of in Orange County, even during the winter. (oh yeah, we can see it on the distant mountains on a clear day).

So maybe a snow visit day, eh?

Best regards, Doug

BTW this little guy, who was in ski school, just did a slow-mo wipe out and is now getting put back together again. A typical vaction day.

February 17, 2009

Skiing road trip – 2009 version

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Double Nuckle-draggers, Vail, CO 2009 photograph copyright of Douglas Stockdale

Well we did another one of those wonderful road trips, taking the extended family skiing to Vail. One of those good news, bad news things. Skiing with your granddaughter for her first outing after a bunch of ski school lessons was wonderful. Skiing with your daughter who fell and broke her arm on the very first run of the first day, not wonderful. Sigh.

Just a chaotic bunch of events. I brought my in-process book chapters on a flash drive to work on, only to completely loose the file after four hours of writing. Where did it go?? My son-in-law is an account exec with Microsoft and even he could not salvage it. That really sucks. So where all those initial notes that I made??

So I decded to take the “big” Canon on a ski run, not much harm other than losing the lens cap, so put a new 77mm lens cap on my shoppoing list. Then I return home, go to charge the Canon batteries and where is that charger? Oh, yeah, back in Vail, still hanging on the wall. Crap. Add that to my shopping list as well.

Then the drive back from Denver was a slight terror with the snow storms, icy roads, and then hit all of the rain in California, which in the higher elevations was snow. So that had the I-15 closed for a while and a resulting huge traffic jam back to Victorville. sheeese.

And we will probably do this all again next year, too.

I did work on my skiing series again, with an intial intent to capture the fun of a holiday. I am rethinking that again;- )

Best regards, Doug

February 8, 2009

Photo project seminar @ LBCC PhotoFest

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This last week I was in dicussions with the folks who are organizing the Long Beach City College PhotoFest, which runs from April 1 – 4th, 2009 about a potential half-day program I could lead. And now its a reality.

I am on this year’s agenda for a three hour program on Developing a Photo Project, which will be starting at 9am on Saturday morning, April 4th, 2009.

The topics I am going to cover are: Why develop a series?, Essence of a series: Mission, Goals, &  Objectives, Short term vs Long Term Projects, Keeping a Project on Track (Project Management), When to develop a Project?, Non-linear series development > a messy conundrum, Staying the course, Journeying, an introspective discussion, Thematic alternatives, and Hasn’t This been Done Before (Old themes in New Clothes)?, and finally, Why “You” make a difference.

And there will be a couple of break out work sessions to work on a some workshop assignements. Probably a lot to cover in three hours, but it should be fun.

The good news if you are in the area, all of the programs at LBCC PhotoFest are free, so sign up and I look for me on Saturday, April 4th.

Best regards, Doug

February 4, 2009

In Passing – juried into Photo+Book

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Last night I received the nice news that the second edition of my book In Passingwas juried into the Photo+Book exhibition at the 23 Sandy Galleryin Portland, OR. The exhibition will run the month of March, which coincides with my book making workshop at the 23 Sandy Gallery in mid-March.

Okay, coincidence that my book was juried in at the same time that I am teaching a workshop at the gallery, a fair question considering my recent review of the Humble Arts book on The Photo Book. The jurist was Christopher Rauschenberg, and not affiliated with the gallery. Christopher is also a wonderful photographer, co-founder of Photolucida and co-founder of his own gallery in Portland, Blue Sky Gallery. So if the book did not have merit, I trust that Christopher would not have juried it in.

Second, I think that the second edition looks damn good, within the boundaries and limitations of print on demand publishing. And I can honestly say, that I doubt that my first version of In Passing would have been juried in, which is why I did the complete design make over for the second edition.

So I think that this is pretty nice for the efforts that I placed into this series and the resulting book. very nice.

Best regards, Doug

Continue working the Insomnia project

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I had some thoughts about adding another photograph from the series with this post, but appears that WordPress has other ideas. Actually nothing really inspiring to add, just working the series with regard to editing. Which image goes where kinda of thing.

I have a nice intro, a nice ending, and a couple of good parts in the middle with a lot of photographs that fit in a bunch of different places. And as I was going through the photographs for the series, I just noted that one has fallen out of the pile somewhere. hmmmm, where did it go?

Interestingly, to create a goal, somewhat similar to the SoFoBoMo 30 day project, I just noted that there is a really nice book competition going on in Europe, found at Darius Himes blog, called the 2009 European Publishers Award for Photography. If I have it right, the grand prize winner will have his previously unpublished book now published simultaneously by six European book publishers. Wow!

The competition requires the submission of a substantial, completed and unpublished photographic book project. The winning project is then published in book form simultaneously by each of the publishers in their own country and in their own language, resulting in perhaps the most extensive cultural collaboration currently existing in Europe.

The deadline for the submission is March 30th, and it has to be delivered by that date to the jury in Italy.

Best regards, Doug

BTW even more detailed information is available here.

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