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August 13, 2008

Olympic inspiration

Filed under: Photography, Projects/Series — Doug Stockdale @ 5:10 pm

Watching the Olympics the past couple of days has inspired me to work on my “Business as Usual” series. I have been looking at and editing this body of work for the last four months, but I have been struggling with the thread that pulls it together. I think that I may have found that out, but I still have some further developmental work to do.

So now I have whittled it down to about 100 prints, which are lying on the floor. Also wrote the first draft of the introduction to help pull my thoughts together. Checking my conceptual innovation factor;- )

To futher help with getting some momentum, Alan Wu just sent my “Business as Usaul” chop (traditional characters; Zhou Chyang Ying Yeh) that we had developed together and he had made for me by my favorite stone carver in Shanghai (Pearl City, Third Floor, directly off the stairs). Thanks Alan! My secret ingredient for my Limited Edition folios;- )

Best regards, Doug

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  1. I’ve really liked this series every time I see something about it.

    Comment by Ian Aleksander Adams — August 19, 2008 @ 1:19 pm

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