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July 31, 2008

Summer road trip

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Well the Summer road trip may be done, and we booked about 3,500 miles out to Denver then Blue Springs, MO and back again. Always nice to be home, but had a wonderful time with visiting family. Oh, yeah, regular gas in MO was $3.70 per gallon and back home, five days later, at $4.40 per gallon. Sheessseee.

I had downloaded some of the photographs on a cousin’s computer and I was getting some real bad distoriation showing up on their monitor, but when I did my workflow download with PSC3 and ACR, no problems. I will keep that 2 gig card a little longer. Now to work on the family album and sort out my presonal projects.

While I was gone, my hardbound artist proof for In Passing from Blurb arrived, so I need to spend some time reviewing that as well. More about this later. My softbound version is getting some traffic on Blurb as well. nice.

Best regards, Doug

11/18/09 Update: Second edition of In Passing is now published and available here, and the softbound edition is no longer available

July 29, 2008

Kansas City – Missed opportunity

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While in Independence and Blue Springs, Missouri over the weekend, I missed the opportunity to go see the photographery exhibit at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, called Human/Nature: Recent European Landscape Photography. It received a nice write up in the Kansas City Star newspaper, which whetted the visual appatite.

The release for the exhibit states:

This exhibition features a selection of large-scale color photographs by a new generation of European artists, including Andreas Gefeller, Peter Bialobrzeski, Massimo Vitali, Olaf Otto Becker, Bart Michiels, Jem Southam, and Wout Berger, among others. These artists engage with the contemporary European landscape in varying ways.

For some, the land retains romantic associations, as a source of sublime inspiration. For others, cultural interventions such as the leisure industry and real estate development are paramount concerns. Notions of home, the physical and emotional weight of history, and the power of memory to shape perception of the land also inform these images. Together, these works explore the endlessly complex relationship between nature and the human presence (my emphasis), from harmonious coexistence to contentious exploitation. This exhibition provides the first opportunity to view bold, contemporary works never before seen in this region.

So far,  not much to see on line for this exhibit. I also was very interested is seeing Jem Southam’s work.

What I found interesting is that the Nelson-Atkins curators (Keith Davis and April Watson) had recently acquired some of the exhibited works and then after these purchases, came up with the exhibit title and theme. Then went out and brought in other works to “flesh out the concept”. Refreshing. This provides support to the idea that you don’t have to have your concept nailed down before you start your photographic production. That you can develop a concept, get it figured out, and then continue to further develop your concept. If a big museum can back into a concept, why can’t we??

So if anyone does get a chance to see this exhibit, I would appreciated your thoughts and comments.

Best regards, Doug

Side trip to Independence Missouri

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Hopefully you will not confuse the picture posted here (Lake Elsinore, CA) with Independence, MO, but I have not had a chance to process any of the images yet. Stay tuned!

So we just finished a long weekend side trip to Independence, Missouri for a surprise birthday party for my sister-in-law. Nice when something like this happens and creates a mini-family reunion. And so I was the photographer for the event, surprise, surprise. And I have a ton of JPEG images to sort, tune-up and crop to create a mini-album. I even had the thought of uploading the whole thing to Blurb, but thought better of it!

And I did get to work on my project Places Amongst Us, which although is now a Blurb book, it does not feel finished yet. So I will continue to work on it nevertheless. And I have a couple of Singular Images to develop and post a little later, maybe next week.

But hot and humid. And it will get hotter next month, yikes! I am not used to swatting miskitoes (I know, not spelled right, but you know the nastly little things I am referring to, right?!), either. But I did have the treat of watching the fireflies in the evening. A midwest delight to watch. And of course we had some big stormes come througth as well. Very interesting and I found myself wishing I had more time to spend. And I was missing the medium format rig as well.

But we were awful tight for room, so compromises on equipment to haul and there will be future opportunities. I did have an issue with some JPEG downloads to a cousins computer, so I need to check this out in a little bit.

Best regards, Doug

July 26, 2008

Palm Springs Photo Festival – update

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Stockdale and Framani, photography copyright of Tim Anderson

While doing some catch up reading this morning, I did a quick check of the Camera Arts site and noticed that Tim Anderson (publisher Camera Arts) had posted some images he made during the Palm Springs Photo Festival (4/3/08). Canon had lent Tim a 5D with the 24-105mm L lens and he was constatntly taking photographs.  Even during the time I spent with him for my portfolio review with him. But then again, I had spent almost a half hour chatting with Tim just before the portfolio reviews were to start.

Yikes, there were two pictures of me!

This photograph was of me with Hossein Farmani (Farmani Gallery, LA) might take some explaining, as it appears that I might be flipping some one off. Honestly, I wasn’t!

We were having an interesting discussion during the portfolio review about one industrial landscape photographs from my Business as Usual series that I had made in PingHu while I was in Eastern China earlier in the year. This was the image that had stopped him half way through my profolio, and we must have spent the next ten minutes talking about this one photograph.

Do I look intense, yesheee.

Best regards, Doug

Update: In Tim’s extended portfolio, on page 8 you will find another photograph he took of yours truely, this time I am with Tim Wride (formerly with L.A. Museum of Modern Art and now an independent curator). And oh my gosh, we are looking at the same photo that Framani picked out, plus one of the other industrial photograhs, this time inside a new Chinese factory. In this case, Tim spend about 10 minutes with the interior photograph, but kept referring back to the other, but then he decided he REALLY like the industrial interior photograph the best. And I don’t appear to be quite as intense (at least not on the surface, eh?).

July 25, 2008

Camera Obsecura Gallery

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While passing through Denver, I had a chance to spend a half day at the Camera Obscura Gallery with Hal Gould and Loretta Young-Gautier. We had a great conversation as we walked the three galleries of images, including the current exhibit of Christopher Burkett.  I provided a copy of LensWork #74  with my series In Passing, which was an excellent introduction and ice breaker.

Chrisopher Burkett exhibit was Resplendent Light, with his color natural landscape images from his recently published book of the same name. I will have to say that his photographs have excellent color and saturation, without the issues of over saturation. Beautiful and intense.

They have an excellent selection of photograph books and I don’t doubt one of the best photo book stores in Colorado. The upstairs Masters Gallery and Contemporary Galleries were awsome, an extensive collection of work of artists and artists estates were available. In fact, about every square inch of wall space near eye level were filled with framed works. A bit overwhelming. Especally since Hal opened this as one of the very first photography galleries. There were folios, matted and framed prints stuffed everywhere.

I am not sure how many times that Hal restated his point, that fine art photographers today need to print in Limited Editions. It is just how it is. Apparently it was Hal who also made this point strong enough to get Bruce Barnbaum to start producting his photographs in Limited Editions. Suffice to say, Hal will not exhibit any photographer who does not produce in Limited Editions now.

Three hours was not enough time and I do not know how I managed to walk out of their without purchasing a book! I guess I will need to go back, eh? A highly recommended stop if you are in the area ;- )

Best regards, Doug

May 2011 Update: Hal has subsquently closed his gallery and bookstore.

July 24, 2008

The Creativity Network

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My friend Ellen Butler just sent me a “heads-up” and provided a link to the Creativity Network.  If you scoll down, you will find: Doug Stockdale and my recent SoFoBoBo book Places Amongst Us.  very nice.

I guess I need to update my web site with some of the images from Places Amongst Us. That will have to go on the August to-do list.

Best regards, Doug

July 23, 2008

Continuing the Editing

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Still working on the editing of the work from Eastern China.

Seems what is working for me now is to concurrently develop the two series, with still the idea that they may come together. But one is a collection of found images while the other is set of found circumstances that help illustrate a project in the making. So they are two differenct bodies of work and two different intents. hmmmm.

So I will see how this develops. Stay tuned;- )

Best regards, Doug

BTW, this was again during the blizzard while I was in JiaShan. I saw these two guys coming at me, but they had no idea I was in the way, so I established my composition and then kept taking photographs as they approached. This is the best of the bunch for me. It really connects with me as to how I was feeling and getting blown around with my own umbrella, trying to keep me and especially the front of my lens from the elements. Not always successfully!

And I will be tied up with another assignement for the next week and a half, so my updates will probably less frequent for a short while.

July 22, 2008

Side B

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When creating bodies of work, I see similarities between photograph and other creative works, such as music, novels and poems and plays. I guess that it can be argued a photograph is like a poem or perhaps a short story. I find myself thinking of comparisons to music, e.g. a musician will write a song and then it might be a single or part of an album. But now, how we access that recorded music has been changing, perhaps similar to how we are accessing photographs.

So while doing a recent road trip, I had an opportunity to listen to five hours of ColdPlay on XM (channel 50) and they kept bringing up & playing some of the songs that just did not make it, and what would have been the Side Bsongs. For those too young, that is the flip side of the “single” that carried the hot song of the moment. In the real old days, that was on a 45rpm record; the little platter, little spinner, the small licorice.


July 18, 2008

Found Photographs

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There seems to be a lot of dicsussion about the manufactured photographs again, such as Amy Stein’s work. I suppose that it has to do with the idea of a totally created work, such as a painting or drawing. An idea or concept is developed and you create the set and find the players. Not surprising, they look like advertising photos, which are very related manufactured cousins. I do admit that Stein carrys off the realtative illusion a little better than most.


July 17, 2008

Editing and more editing

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Yes, editing and more editing. Does the image capture my heart, does it have an emotional connection, does it work with my head and stay within the boundaries I have arbitrarily chosen, is it a keeper, dud or maybe I just don’t know yet.

The photograph (an instant recognition and reactionary shutter release) that has taken a brief moment to capture, continues to haunt me.

Editing is hard work. very hard work.

So is it a keeper, dud or maybe I just don’t know yet…..

Best regards, Doug

BTW for this one, made in PingHu, I just don’t know yet…..

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