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June 18, 2008


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It was an interesting relevation for me to first find out that I did not know as much about Blurb printers as I thought I did. But that was not what surprised me the most.

In working on my project Places Amongst Us during May, I had photographed with both film and digital and I did not think that there were any difference between using the two. When I had received my Blurb book for the project, I noticed that the image colors for the film photographs were a heck of a lot better than the digital. Something that I thought I would come back to after working out some other issues.

Then to find out that the (7×7″) book was not printed on the same printer as the other Blurb books and that I had a work around to ensure that it was printed on the HP Indigo 5000. nice.

So now in retrospect, because of the printing of that 7×7″ book on the Xerox iGen3 printer, I just realized that I had then made the conculsion that film was better than digital for printing a book. So mentally I had made a shift from digital back to film. That iGen3 printed Blurb book had a lot greater influence on me than I realized at the time. I saw the effect, thought I knew the cause and then had started sub-consiously to ‘fix it’. Yikes!

I was lucky that due to some comments on my earlier post, that the REAL reason for the color shifts in the book became apparent; I had not worked on the right color space for the Xerox iGen3 and this printer does not appear to be very consistent. Thank goodness for friends and blogging!

But it also gave me reason to think about influences. And of course assumptions and judgements and all of those other things that can lead me down one path instead of another. But I think in reality, that we don’t always know what is influencing us, but best I can do is to try to be open minded and thinking about what’s going on. Kinda like trying to talk on the cell phone while driving. I need to concentrate on what I really want to do, to be really effective.

And to try to be open to what and who might be affecting me and the decisions I am making. Much harder than it appears;- )

Best regards, Doug

BTW, I still want that 50mm CF Distagon, as I still will continue with both film and digital cameras!

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