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June 12, 2008

A day of rewriting

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I decided that I needed to get the version 1.1 rewrite completed for the Sharpening Photographs for Blurb Printing book. My thoughts are fresh and I am motivated. A good combination.

And it is taking most of the day. I did not think that it needed that many edits, but considering that this was a long week end project to begin with, it was rough. The how to add in the subtle needed changes; revised photos with the updated USM actions and a discussion about how to visualize the needed sharpening for the halftone printing. That was a tad bit harder. But its coming together and should be complete in the next day or so to upload to Blurb. I am also tracking my notes to send those who bought the first editon (v 1.0).

Since only three of these books were bought and printed before I obsolete it for V 1.1, I guess you could say that this will be a very limited edtion book!

Best regards, Doug

6/12/08 update: Per my Blurb account, 5 have been sold and there are 2 pending sales from yesterday = 7. nice, but I can’t buy that 50mm Distagon just yet. And now I want at least the CF version. sigh.

6/2/08 update, I have uploaded the V1.1 to Blurb and received my production proof. After a detailed review, it appears that my original book is okay after all.

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