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June 30, 2008

Working the process

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While I was putting the finishing touches of the sofbound version of In Passing, I continued to concurrently work my project development process for my China photographs.

Over the weekend, I started the development of the artist statements (book introductions) for the three distinct projects coming out of my China experience. I also identifed three buckets (file folders) to move my photographic files into that corresponded to those projects.


June 29, 2008

Created stories

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“Watering Hole” copyright of Amy Stein

I had an opportunity to review a local exhibit that inculded the work of Amy Stein and a couple of other photographers. In my role as the editor of the The Photo Exchange, I am more of a reporter versus a true reviewer. Perhaps that will evolve over time.

But here in this place, you get to read my thoughts about the photograpers and exhibit. You unlucky devils;- )


June 28, 2008

Heart Broken Fence – In Passing project update

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When I was writing about our trip to Las Vegas a couple of days ago, I just realized that I had an image to post with it, which is this one Heart Broken Fence, part of my project In Passing. In the introduction I wrote about how these road side memorials continue to change. 

What I saw during the drive on I-15 through Victorville, was that this memorial has also been entirely removed. This memorial was situated on a frontage road to I-15 at the intersection to a side road that went into a older sub-division. Now in place of this memorial is a brand new turning lane on the frontage road and a redesigned intersection. I think someone got the point.

Perhaps another life may not be lost due to a dangerous intersection and this memorial was part of a successuful stimulus to make a much needed change.

Best regards, Doug

Jiashan Hutong – Fish seller

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This photograph was another strech for me, in many ways. After a flurry of email exchanges with Butzi about the Chinese Hutongs (alleyways of older cities), I had decided to go into one old Hutong in JiaShan that I had seen earlier in the week. It was a nice walk in the Blizzard, the narrow alleyways blocked out the blowing snow.

And all the vendors had quickly adapted to the weather conditions.


June 27, 2008

A River runs through it – Jiashan

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This is a scene that could be cliche and is in great danger of maybe being seen as one.  The Chinese boatman working his way down the river in the light snow with his umbrella trying to keep him dry from the elements while he works his way.


Chinese Urban Landscape

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While in Eastern China during the January blizzard, I continued my interest in photographing people who were a part of the landscape. We were making very slow progress in our journey to Shanghai and the driver thought he knew a shortcut around the constant traffic jam. The shortcut did not work out, but it did provide other opportunities such as this photograph.


June 25, 2008

Out and about

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I went camera-less for a little birthday bash holiday for the last couple of days and had a chance to see a couple of plays over in SinCity. Las Vegas is such an interesting place!

Mostly thinking about what to do next. I want to complete the “In Passing” books now that I have the sharpening issues worked out. But also about which project that I have photographed to take forward to completion?  An internal tug-a-war between “Insomnia: Hotel Noir” and “I’m Just Looking: Wo Zhi Kankan”.

So a big problem; I can conceptualize and photograph a project quicker than I can internalize and fully develop the project into all of its parts. I guess that is much better than not having anything to do, like in “what do I want to photograph?”

Best regards, Doug

BTW it was actually a play (Jersey Boys) that we had already seen earlier in Orange County at the Performing Art Center and a show (Cirque de Soleil – Love (Beatles)). Both very different and both highly recommended!

June 21, 2008

Sharpening photos for Xerox iGen3

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Yesterday, I made a bad assumption. That the sharpening action that I had developed for the HP Indigo 5000 for Blurb printing was exclusively for the Blurb Indigo printer and did not apply to the Xerox iGen3 printer that Blurb utilizes for the 7″ x 7″ books. Duh!


June 20, 2008

Sharpening photos 4 Blurb – v1.1 review

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I just received my copy of the v1.1 for the changes that I anticpated making for the book Sharpening Photographs for Blurb Printing. And this confirms again wy is better to go with an initial private printing before going public!

Because I missed the mark with v1.1 and actually my first version is about right on for the neccessary sharpening action needed for Blurb printing;- )


Yountville Black and White alternative

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Well, I do not know what the issue was, but nevertheless, I can now post the photograph that I had tried unsuccessfully last evening. So I am going to edit this entry and continue on with what I am was trying to say.


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