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May 11, 2008

Happy Mothersday & some odd ramblings

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Here in the US we celebrate Mothers Day, a time to recogize Mom for all that she does, which is a LOT! So let me say Happy Mothers Day to all of you Moms out there.

Since the film scanner is back in the sloooow mode, and six rolls of film are at the lab, I have some extra time this Sunday morning, so I have finally been catching up on my blog reads. I do realize that my intereset in keeping my blog up has waned a bit. I just don’t feel as compelled to write as often, but nevertheless, I am right now. go figure.

With the current day job, I had to make a decision with my little free time to either spend some time maintaining the blog, which had meant getting a blog image prepared, or working on my own on-going photographic series. So perhaps the middle road it is a little writing and less photographs. And that does not make sense for a photo oriented blog, eh? Fear not, I will have some photographs back up again shortly, if the cotton-picking film scanner would get up to speed. Maybe this is why I wondered away from using film for the past year and a half?

I realized that my interview of Jonathan Brown that I posted on The Photo Exchange yeserday was my first the first interview that I have completed. Oh, I have interviewed many folks for job openings, but I am talking about the “who are you and tell me some more what you are doing” stuff. For my first time at this, I have figured out that I suck. But then it was my first time, so I can get better, eh? So to work the kinks out of the process, I am going to approach some more folks, probably at local galleries in the Southern CA area and post the resulting interviews on The Photo Exchange, but also leave a pointer on here.

Why on the The Photo Exchange? Good question, as I find that I now want to keep this blog on going about what I am trying to do as well as others who have more of a global presence. The Photo Exchange is a group that I belong to who are focused on gallery and photography activities in Southern CA, thus a regional focus.

And why gallery owners at this time? Becasuse the members of the Photograhers Exchange are looking for more representation and local exhibition opportunities, thus the interviews would be of value to them. And me too. I have realized that I have not made many receptions or openings this year and I need to get out more and look at more real prints on exhibit. My attempted foray yesterday came up short when I did a quick check before flying out the door and the intended gallery was closed for the day. So maybe after reloading the film scanner, I will try again today.

So what about the SoFoBoMo series? I now have a working title: Tijeras Creek, Places Amongst Us. And I completed the second draft of the Introduction, which I would upload on my web site, if my desktop was not so tied up with the film scanner. So that will be posted shortly. Quick series overview: suburban landscapes, indirectly exploring my past, growing up in a sub-division in the northern suburbs of Detroit, while directly examining the visual interrelationships of neighbors via a Southern California suburb. And this inspiration came to me while I was working on the industrial urban landscapes in Eastern China. Go figure.

And I think that the photography for this series is complete. Yesterday’s sunny do-over went very well. Having photographed the places that interested me earlier, it was realatively easy to retrace my steps. I found some new things and had second thoughts about others. nice.  And yes, today is back to gray overcast again this morning. Oh well. So now I am into image editing, film scanning, image tweaking, image sequencing, and book layout. Did I mention that the film scanning is going sloooooow? grrrrr.

Okay, enough for now, I need to find some more coffee;- )

Best regards, Doug

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