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May 9, 2008

SoFoBoMo day 8

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I don’t have an image to post with this as I am a little behind in scanning the film. For some reason, the second scan went into slooooow mode and tied up the computer/film scanner for about four hours. Quick look at the scanned file, everything seems okay. So keep pressing on….

So at this time, I have back four rolls of film that are in the review and choice of images to scan. I have two more rolls being processed and I have another roll to take in for processing as well as one mid-way through the back. So that takes me to 84+ exposures. And with only a couple of exceptions, no bracketing, one exposure per composition.

Very unlike the DSLR, which I am using most of the time to get an alternative photograph. Sometimes I get so engrossed in a potential image, I am back in the car and driving away and realize that I did not take a digital image along with the film exposure. hmmmm.

With a prime lens, no zoom, manual focus, manual film wind, I do move slower in setting up the photograph. Also using the tripod & cable release more.  And an occasional meter check to ensure that the exposure does not need to be modified. I feel that I am seeing the same stuff, but as I look at the proof prints, I am making different images. Such as compared to the recent shoot during my last trip to China.

With the DSLR, I am usually working the wide side of the zoom lens, in the 28mm equivalent or wider for the 35mm format. With this rig, I am very comfortable with the normal (80mm) lens and I don’t feel the need to back up, which would give me an wider view. In fact, it seems that I am walking up closer to take the photograph. I guess that this leads into ‘the chose of camera rig may influence your photography style’ discussion. But another day for that. Maybe it is just a change of pace that this rig creates something different for me.

Oh, and the sun came out just as I was to leave to get today’s film to the processing lab. Maybe I’ll see more of it tomorrow.

Best regards, Doug

Updated note: When I was thinking about a series for SoFoBoMo, I had anticipated heading down to Newport Beach pennisula and doing something with the strand. As the time approached, I found myself considering an alternative subject, which is what I am not working on. Nevertheless, I did make it down to Newport Beach this afternoon and I did find a bunch of things which did appeal to me and which I photographed. I can see where the idea for my Newport Beach series can still develop into a future series. Another nice bonus for me with SoFoBoMo this year, regardless of the final outcome.


  1. Interesting commentary on how comfortable you feel with the different lenses. Myself, I find a 20-24mm most comfortable on a DSLR (1.5x crop, so a 35mm equivalent) and prefer a 55 on my 645 setup (also a 35mm equivalent). I do tend to use normals more on the 645 though, I’m not much of a 50mm guy on 35mm film.

    Comment by Adam Maas — May 9, 2008 @ 4:14 pm

  2. In thinking back, for many years I could not afford another lens for my Mamiya RB67, thus I had to figure out how to make the 90mm lens (normal)work with that camera for the images I wanted to create. Now I with the Hasselblad, I have more lens options, but I find that I still seem to opt to the normal (80mm).

    Comment by Doug Stockdale — May 9, 2008 @ 4:40 pm

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