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May 1, 2008

And so SoFoBoMo starts

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Nothing earth shartering today. The last group of us procrstonators get to try our hand at SoFoBoMo starting today. Or for you real die-hard procrastonators, next week?

Okay, I started with writing of two draft introductory statements. Eh?

So my first SoFoBoMo idea was to work on the urban landscape around the Newport Beach strand. Thats the wide merandering sidewalk that seperates the Pacific Ocean and beach from the homes and businesses that parallel the beach. It is that tranisition devide that as you cross, you leave the day to day cares of our normal lives and ease into the leasure zone. Bliss.

Opps, forgot about the hot blistering sand, baking sun, sand fleas, smell of dead fish things and the odd bits of sand that goes when no sand should.

Anyhow, there were some pros and cons with this series. The pro is the opportunity to work on a classic sterotyped subject that has been over photographed to death and see if I can breath some new comptemorary life into it. The pro is that it is an hour drive to get to and hopefully I find some parking.

So while thinking about the issues with my first choice, I decided to choose to consider another series that has been in the back of my mind for the last six months. That is the urbran landscape of a committy that encompasses a near by golf course.  This is a lifestyle neighborhood, but again, perhaps beat to death photographicly so many times. So it makes sense to me to take this on. The pro to this option is that it is nearby and I can get to it very quickly. Ya know, like today, on my way home. Or tonight. Or early tomorrow morning. Okay, you do get it. Good.

So today, I start working on my second option. I did attach the RRS tripod foot on the camera last night. I have at least one roll of un-expired 120 film (and a bunch of expired film, but not by that much, so I will use anyhow). So after this client visit, I’ll load the A-12 back and make sure that the spot meter is on the right ASA index. And then we be off!

On the parralell path, I did finish the final edit of the softback version of In Passing. A bit of a pain getting the image index situated at the end of the book. I added the extra while pages to give a bunch of the images some breathing room, thus a bunch of single images per spread. And I took the book up to the maximum 80 pages before the printing cost jumps again. I will reveiw it again tonight and if it still looks nice, then upload to the printer (Blurb) and soon get the first proof to review. And if it’s okay, finialize the Edition hardbound version while letting the world start purchasing the softbound version.

So one of the immedidate benefits that will come out of SoFoBoMo for me is getting my first book published. Maybe not the SoFoBoMo book, but nevertheless, a book. Isn’t what this is all about?

Best regards, Doug

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