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March 17, 2008

Keeping a Balance

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New Industrial Space - untitled 5

I thought that this made a better blog title than quit being lazy! I have found that as I work a series of photographs, I have been doing some shortcut evaluations and not really taking the images to where I can fully evaluate them. Such that I was going from camera, to RAW editor, to Photoshop and then to a blogable JPEG. Missing were such steps as Print the Image.

I had read about how digital photographers were getting to the point of not printing there images, prehaps not even owning a printer. Huh? Not me! Darn, now I gotta eat crow, because that is exactly what I have found myself doing recently. Monitor to the web and no hard copy in between.

Once I understood that I was going directly to my blog, I then realized that what was not getting very much attention was my photography web site. So over the last week, I have been making some much needed updates. Probably what wakened my awarness was the recent changes to my web site to eliminate my ‘fine art’ title and references. Geee, I have not been paying much attention to this, thus I was out of balance.

I also figured out that if I went directly to my blog with my images, I did not complete any prep for printing or prep for my web site. Thus when I determined what I wanted included in my series in development, I had to reopen and make all of the image preparations, essentially doing the work twice. Yikes, no wonder I felt like the more I did, the further behind I was getting!

So over the weekend, I got my butt in gear and updated my web site with images from my new China series, Open During Construction, which may get renamed shortly, but more about that when I have things better sorted out. So now, I will take my images the next couple of steps when I process them, including making a test print and putting them up on my web site.  One thing that I felt was that if I put them on my web site, that I had made a final decision. Nope, that’s just a internal bad perception. So now I have given myself permission to post images that stand a good chance of being in a series, but if I so decide not to, then I can yank them down. Gee, that was not so hard, was it?

Ohhhh, I feel better already;- )

Best regards, Doug

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