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March 3, 2008


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Old and New Windows

Having recently read Colin Jago’s reflection of what he sees and photographs in the urban landscape, may have been have got my own mind into gear when I had my own recognition of how I have been adapting and seeing. Very close to home. Well, actually the view out our windows.

We are currently in the middle of a house remodeling, which includes up grading the windows. We also decided to opt out of the pre-existing design of the white grid lines within the window, a simulation of when big windows were made of a series of smaller windows. This is the defacto design for our neighborhood. A very nice change, but it also helped me realize how much I had adapted to this grid design.

I am not sure if you have ever gone throught the design exercise of taking a photograph and then using a red grease pencil, making as many different compositions as possible within that one image. Its a visualization exercise as well as understanding the potentiality of cropping to strengthen or weaken an image.

 Old Window grid

So on occasion as I sat in my living room looking out these grid windows, I would do the image within an image exercise. There was the big picture (window), but then, what were the smaller images created by each of these window grids? And how did these images change if I moved a little to the left, moved a little to the right, stand up, sit down (sight, sight)?

But now, I look out these new windows and then to the last remainng old window, and the old grid windows now give me a feeling of containment, restaint and imprisonment. Not a great feeling at all.  So, did I have some of those negative thougths before, but repressed them? Or had I just adapted to them?

Makes me wonder what else I have adapted to, that is there in plain sight but I don’t see it. As Colin mentions, have not give any significance to. But also one of the wonders of our photography, to open our eyes. I have a Matrix feeling coming on, so don’t let me eat any blue or red pills for the next couple of days.

Best regards, Doug

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