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February 17, 2008

Back from Vail

Filed under: Photography, Projects/Series, SoFoBoMo — Doug Stockdale @ 5:02 pm

Just a quick note that we are back in SoCal after completing our marathon drive back from Vail yesterday. A long time in the saddle and then my knee brace starting pinching about three hours from home, bummer. I made a slight adjustment and comfortably made the last stretch. There is a lot of beautiful landscape between the two locations while driving I-15 and then 1-70. At least for now, we sprint between the two locations due to many other commitments, but one day, we will have the time to slowly take in all that is between the two.

Thursday in Vail, we had a ton of snow and then the late afternoon light sun came out as the storm trailed off, so I was able to limp to our upper deck patio and take some wonderful images. I don’t know that these images are a fit for my Ski Town project, but I will download them later this morning and decide.

Since my Ski Town series was a warm up for SoFoBoMo in order to check out the Blurb BookSmart software, I do not feel compelled to finish this series right now. Although I have enough images to pull together to make a 35 image book, I am not sure that I have the 35 images that I would want.  With over 15 years of vacationing in Vail, I did not get to many of my haunts to photograph before I did my wipe-out. So I am going to finish my rough cut from this trip, perhaps get a web page up about this project with a couple of image, but then may consider letting it sit until I get back there again next year. I do have the option that it does not have to be done NOW.  I mean, if I was on assignment for a newspaper or magazine, I have enough images to come up with something, but that is not a deadline that I am living with.

Self assignments are nice, eh? Okay, more later;- )

Best regards, Doug

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