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February 13, 2008

A Ski day

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Sandstone Bus Stop

I have to admit, the reason we are here in Vail is to ski and party with family and friends. Today was a ski day, two inches of powder over a deep base, constant snow flurries and a very light breeze. Very nice conditions! Then in the afternoon, we had hazy sun and occassional sunlight, very, very nice! So today, I skiied my legs off.  And now I sit here with an ice pack to prove it. That darn last run;- (

But when I took that last tumble, the first thing I did while lying in the snow is to pull out my camera and make sure that it was still working. It was!

I have been using my camera today to photograph skiers, skiing and ski conditions, but hopefully in my own way. I am trying to apture those transitional moments of those who are at a wonderful get away from their normal lives, leaving some of troubles back home while enjoying the snow. In other word, much of this is a bit of fantsy, except for those who live here who make this all happen. And to capture a little of the reality.

Today was another good day, as I feel that I have at least six good images to work with to keep pace with my SoFoBoMo trial.  Issues to day, this five year old portable computer is slooooow. So it takes me way too long to process each RAW image. So being able to take the photograph, convert and tweak and place it in a book template is not going to happen. But it does give me a better idea of the limitations of what I thought was possible, which is a very important concept to learn. I can quickly (e.g. 2 – 3 hours) photograph enough images in a day (75 – 150), but it takes a lot longer to get the image to a point that it feels complete. So as I look to my fuzzy SoFoBoMo month, I need to make sure that I budget more time that I thought than I thought I would need.

And now that I am laid up for at least a couple of day, there will be much less photography, but perhaps a lot more image tweaking and maybe some time to look at the Blurb SmarBook options and templates. So hopefully something good will come out of this;- )

Best regards, Doug

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