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February 11, 2008

Vail – I’m Just Looking

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Sandstone Bus

For Vail, Colorado, skiing came first, then the town, versus many of the other Colorado ski destinations. So Vail during the winter is all about skiing. So you can easily say that skiing is a central aspect of Vail. But there also a very large organizational infrastructure that makes this work well. Currently, Vail is going through a bit of an upgrade, is as they have been coasting for the last twenty years.  That is part of what I will be looking at.

As to the SoFoBoMo trial, if I have six workable days to take photographs, that means that I need to average six good images per day. Yesterday was a beautful sunny and warm day, thus the contrasts were a harder to control. Today is overcast, windy with slight snow flurries. A much colder day, but the constrast range is not as severe. So did I get six images yesterday? I think so, but since this series is kinda unstructured right now, it is a series of me doing some looking. And what I see.

I also download the Blurb free Booksmart software to this portable this morning, so I hope to try loading my first image later today. I am guessing that the templates are interchangable, as well as the location of the images within the book. Title page should be easy, leaving a spot for the final title. The Introduction is one that I can fill in on the fly and make it a bit of free association, much like this. The index is a little tricky, as I am not sure on which page each image will end up on. Since I am trying to condense this book, I will have images on facing pages, so I need to be mind ful of the pairings. More about this later. And so far, I have one color image and one black & white, so this may be a potporrie of color and black and white images as well.

Best regards, Doug

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