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February 1, 2008

Xitang – Lunar New Year

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Xitang untitled #8

Since I have a brief run of color images, I will add one more, this one from the ancient city of Xitang, near Jiashan. Xitang is classified as a old (1,000 years old) water village that is not being slated for urban development, at least right now. It is a local tourist trap for the Chinese and not one that foreigns usually visit.

I caught this entire area at an unusal time, recently decorated for the New Lunar Year but during a lull in the blizzard that China was experiencing. A wonderful combination of red ornaments and fresh blanket of white snow. We were here in the late afternoon and most of the shops had closed for the day. Thus, there were hardly another else here, I virtually had the run of the entire village to myself. Thus I could slowly pick and chose my subjects, arrange my composition and then rearrange for a reshoot if I did not like the results, and not be pushed or tried to have a watch sold to me. Very much unlike Wu gardens in Shanghai.

And with a few exceptions, this is a color series. I have tried my black & white mojo and it is not the same. Those red latterns which make this somewhat surreal do not have the right contrast to make this work in Black & White. But I will test each image in both color and black & white and see which speaks the most to me, and stirs my soul the strongest.;- )

My strongest concern is not to find that I have made a series of weak and cliched image.

Best regards, Doug

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