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February 29, 2008


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New Roadway Jiashan

For those not reading Mandarin characters, the pinyin title is Zhou Chang Ying Yeh, the Chinese title for my project Open During Construction. The phrase roughly means that the business is open as usual, which provides me with some more ambiguity and room for creative interpretation of where I want to work on this series. I have been back and forth with Alan Wu, who is currently working in Shanghai, to help me get the series title defined. Thanks Alan!


February 28, 2008

Tim Atherton

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 Park, Old Town, Yellowknife

Park, Old Town, Yellowknife photo copyright of the artist, Tim Atherton

Tim Atherton is well known as the publisher of the blog Muse-ings and his discourses on the photographic work of others.

Tim is also an accomplished photographer, working in large format (up to 8×10″) in both Black and White as well as Color. I really enjoy and recommend his urban landscape Yellowknife project, Peripheral Vision.  This project consistently connects with me, perhaps more so that some of his other projects, but all of his projects keep you looking and thinking.  Which is a very good thing;- )

Best regards, Doug

February 27, 2008

Memorials removed

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At the Tollgate

Yesterday on my drive home, I noticed that I had not seen two of the three memorials that I had photographed in Southern California on the toll road. One is a little out of the way, so to reconfirm that it had been removed, I took a little extra time this morning to drive by it the location again to confirm that it had been in fact removed. So today, I confirmed that it had been removed.

So today, I will write a little more about this series and I anticipate getting off the photographic subject towards the end…


February 26, 2008

Hongqiao – Pending Construction

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Hongqiao Pending Construction

After I was back in China last month, I had received an email from Paul Butzi regarding the walled villages found in China. He did not have an opportunity to go through one while he was over in China, but had I?


February 25, 2008

Open during Construction

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Jiashan Construction

I have been thinking about my post yesterday, regaring how much of me is in my photographs. I will have to admit, up to now, you might not know that I have a engineering degree and extesnisve technical implmentation expreience by viewing my images. (or do you??) In a way, I have been avoiding that side of my brain, as I have rationalized that this is not my ‘artist’ side, way too “right brain thinking”. The key word here of course is rational;- )

As I have been steadily moving to a lot more autobiographical photographic process, I made a big step in overcoming my ouwn bias in starting a series (or two) that starts to tap into my interest in why things work like they do. I think it is part curosity, part of my technical orientation and a little of my interest in cultural antopology. Thus after two trips to China when I worked very hard to avoid all of the signes of the huge amount of construction and transformation occuring in China, I am not actually looking for it, wanting to take photographs of it and creating a series about it, tentatively called “Open During Construction”. Who wold have guessed?


February 24, 2008

Me in my photographs?

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Hongqiao Construction

This weekend I made it to the bookstore looking for the recent issue of Photo-Eye, which was not on the rack, but I did pick up the current issue of Photo Techniques (Jan-Feb 08) issue. Although I was recent chosen by them as one of six photographers to be highlighted as part of a future promo campaign, I really do enjoy a couple of continuing columns that they provide, such as Vestal at Large by David Vestal. You’d think that I would get a subscription and save myself the trouble, but then I would have less of an excuse to get to the bookstore.

Which kinda takes me to the recent writtings by Vestal, What’s this Self doing in my Photos? The bottom line is how much of you (autobiographical) is in your photographs? This might be seen as how much of this photograph is me, versus how much of this photograph is the subject being photographed? To begin, Vestal does admit that the pictures reveal us.


Tom Wilker

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Tom Wilker - Hopkins

Hopkins 170 W Indiana – photography copyright of the artist, Tom Wilker

One of the nice opportunities that have come out of my publication of Bad Trip -Sad Trip in LensWork  (“In passing”, the Lenswork title) is the networking with other photographers who have been working on this same theme and the opportunity to review and discuss their work.

One of those whose photographs I am enjoying is by Tom Wilker, whose web site is here for his series Cross Roads. It turns out that due to his extensive driving in the Indiana area, he is familiar with some of the memorials that I captured in the same area that are a part of my series. This is a self-assigned series that he has been working on since last March.

Many of his images, such as Hopkins, are infused with a sense of atmosphere, which seem to work very well in bringing out an emotional connection.

Best regards, Doug

February 23, 2008

SoFoBoMo POD options – again

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Razed for Development

During the week, I had a chance to investigate the Amazon POD option, BookSurge. So I tried to read all of their teasers, but it appears is that BookSurge wants to get paid to do it all for you, while holding all of their cards very close to their chest. I had not realized getting a book published was going to be like playing poker.

I think that I had bumbed into their production cost scheme once, but I could never find it again. So I left a message for a BookSurge ‘publication consultant’ to try to tell me what is the production cost of a single book, 7 x 10″ horizontal format, softcover (perfect bound), printed 4 color and about 64 pages (pages have to be divisable by 4).  I’ll see what they come back with…


February 22, 2008

Matt Alofs

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Matt Alofs landscape

Photograph is copyright of the artist; Matt Alofs

In discussing my interest in the photographic images of Matt Alofs, it is only fair that I disclose that he is also a co-member of Stills with me, but I don’t think that this changes my interest in Matt’s work;- )

Matt’s work centers mostly on two distinct bodies of work, his Black & White urban landscapes and the image of his partner, Kate. Both remind me a lot of another Midwest photographer, Harry Callahan (1912-1999), who had two similar bodies of work, Black & White urban landscapes and images of his wife and muse, Eleanore.


February 21, 2008

Thomas Broening

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Untitled by T Broening

 Photo is copyright of the photographer, Thomas Broening

While browsing Conscientious today, I found the referral to Thomas Broening, who is a commerical photographer as well as having his personal projects and blog. I have found the urban (empty) landscapes of his personal work very interesting as he states that he is using them as a reflection of his ‘inner conflicts’.

Best regards, Doug

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