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January 31, 2008

SoFoBoMo – 2008

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While I was in China, I did see the notice that SoPoBoMo (aka Solo Photo Book Month) was formerly announced and launched. I see a lot of familiar names in the list of willing participants, including Anita Jesse, Guy Yates, Colin Jago, Paul Lester, Rosie Perera, Kjell Andersen, Matt Alofs, Martin Doonan and of course Mr. Paul Butzi himself. Yeah team!!

I had an opportunity to start thinking about this the week before I left, but I was just not sure of my actual time line of which 31 days and what my book would be about. Thus while photographing in China, it did dawn on me that I seem to be a location oriented landscape guy, so work with it. hmmmmm. So I came up with four or five Southern California icon locations that would be easily accessible to me; Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach and Dana Pt. and perhaps San Clemente. I am now working on the pros and cons for each of these, but at the moment, my node is going towards Newport Beach’s strand.

And I had also thought about shooting film for this project, but I realize that I need at least a 50mm lens for the Hasselblad and that I could probably do the shoot on a long weekend. But it’s going to take me about two to maybe three weeks for the film scanning for the limited amount of time I have available. It takes me about 2-1/2 to 3-1/2 hours per negative scan with my Nikon film scanner and I would be scanning 40 to 50 images to get to the final 35 images. Not much time to tweak the images after that.

So that takes me to the DSLR again. This might be a good excuse to rent a little something nicer if I can do the bulk of the entire shoot on a weekend and then use the following couple of weekends to make any necessary adjustments with my XTi. And that would improve the workflow to make the necessary image tweaks because knowing me, I will need the time, as I am a major tweaker. errrr?? Oh, never mind.

Well, you can bet, I will be adding more thoughts to this as the time rolls on,

Best regards, Doug

BTW, this image was made during the Chinese blizzard when we were stuck on the tollroad between Jiashan and Shanghai and since this is almost monochomatic, not sure if it will be converted with my black & white mojo or stay in color.

Updated note: Per the suggestion of Paul Butzi, I have added a category called SoPoBoMo to keep track of my posts that follow the development of my book project, and I will be adding these updates to my book category as well.

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  1. Welcome home!

    This has the lovely feeling of a sketch and I like the hint of color. It draws me in and keeps me there. The messiness of the road and its contrast to the neatness and structure of everything else, then that little surprise of color. I know I will be coming back to visit this image many more times.

    I am looking forward to knowing your final decision about your book.

    Comment by Anita Jessse — February 3, 2008 @ 5:35 am

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