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January 31, 2008

More changes

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Pudong Shanghai Airport

One of the nice things about 13 hours of flying, you have more than enough time to reflect. And I have accepted that with my blog, that I am going to share those thoughts.  Kinda of getting comfortable with my own skin sorta thing.

From time to time, I create color images from my color photographs.  Huh? Yes, most of the time, I create black & white images from my color photographs, a Photoshop thing. I do enjoy the huge amount of flexibility that I have with black & white, and that may predominately define my work, but it is not entirely how I see a final image. Sometimes color works and I am thinking that one of my series from China may be entirely in color.  As a creative person, I would prefer the choice of medium be determined by the work and not forced into arbitrary style buckets. Where there may be a the sticky wicket is with the decision to mix color and black & white images together in the same series. I think that there is now a greater openness to a mixed image body of work.

I guess we’ll see.

Best regards, Doug

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  1. Maybe sometimes it’s difficult to see colour and black & white images sitting comfortably together because when we convert, we tend to also increase contrast due to losing the contrast between different colours. I think if you get the level of contrast and richness of shadows/strength of highlights into a range, they would look perfectly at home side by side. And probably add interest too – as you say, not being a slave to a ‘style bucket’ – love that phrase!

    Nice to see you back…

    Comment by julie — January 31, 2008 @ 11:46 pm

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