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January 3, 2008

Comfort Zone

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I think we all have those safe places where we can work comfortably. Sometimes we need to press that to help get out of a rut, to try something different, to go after a stretch goal.  I know, enough of the pom-pom stuff. But the idea of doing something different may have a very positive effect on us.  The problem of course is that it is also a risk, potential FAILURE and some are better at taking risk than others.

To take a risk and expland my comfort zone was the reason for my very personal project that is still in development, Insomnia: Hotel Noir. I am exploring my feelings and putting them out there, even to the point of including myself in the series. This is a huge stretch goal for me. I like neutral to slightly warm tone prints, thus the use of a blue tone is also a stretch for ME, maybe not you. But I had decided to get out of my comfort zone and so far, so good, eh?

So where is this going? I am now considering the Solo Photography Book Month project that was proposed by Paul Butzi. My creative work process has been somewhat purposefully slow, deliberate and introspective. It takes me a while to figure out why I react as I do, especially my feelings, ya knonw that guy thing again.

So to think of an idea for a book, but to also photograph and create the images as well as write the introduction and then pair and sequence the images into something cohesive and get it into a book template in a month is about to give me a mental breakdown just trying to understand the concept, least do it! But that does not mean that I am not going to try;- )

So my book is a flop, big whopeee!  But I bet that I do a better at it the next year, and maybe even better the next year. My goal is not to create a best seller book, but to challange myself, to maybe better understand myself and prehaps get a little mini project completed or the singular images for a Edition Folio as well.  Who knows where this is going to lead to, eh?

This should be fun, even if it will result in a neverous breakdown;- )

Best regards, Doug

Update: how funny, no body pointed out the visual pun of my selected image and my topic, both of which are about ‘comfort zones’. Honestly, I did not realize the tie-in between the two until later in the day, but I guess you all must have thought I knew what I was doing;- ) 

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