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January 2, 2008

Looking – the first step

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El Cerrito 

Sometimes it seems very obvious, in order to ‘see’ or preceive, you have to ‘look’. Looking is an act, that is the start of the engagement of the mind to focus in on a certain subject or thing. Duh.

But how often we cruise throught life, not even looking.  I get that way when driving into work on a repetative basis. I have termed this the semi-awarness of my drive and it consititued the basis for my series in progress, A Sideways Glance. Thus, to stay in the moment can actually take a lot of concentration.

Thus over the weekend, while watching the morning show, they had a segment on brain exercises. hmmmm, I think I could use these;- )

But there was one that did fully engage me, a brain exercise to get yourself into focus.  This was a new one for me. I am aware of the Right Brain, Left Brain thing, as to understanding how to see what is in front of you in its current state and not as a symbol of what it is.

So what is this brain excercise?  Blink rapidily for ten seconds. Then blink slowly for another five seconds. Simple, eh?  I think that this falls into the Neurofeedback catagory, but it appears that when you do this, you really get the neurons fired up and working. You become very alert and it appears that your perception of your surrondings increases.

This blinking brain exercise is probably one of those first thing in the mornings exercises, but also before you start working on a task.  I have yet to try this as an excersie before the start of a photo session, but I am going to do this for a while to see what this does for my ‘creativity’. It can’t hurt, but who knows, it might help, and one thing for sure, I need all of the help I can get;- )

So start blink, blink looking and take that first step to full awareness.

Best regards, Doug

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