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December 18, 2007

Palm Lane

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Palm Lane

Palm Lane is another image that is being considered for my series Transitional Seam.  And I find myself reconsidering what my intent is for this project as I keep proceeding.  I had expected to create an equal amount of images of the new homes and businesses in this area. But lately it seems like I have become more of a preservationist of capturing (documenting? No I don’t think so) what is here now. But that is not my intent, rather I find my self extremely interested in the ‘western’ country look, the architecture, the context of the homes with the land and the feel for this area.

I also like the individuality of these homes and neighborhoods and lately the early morning and late afternoon light and the resulting forms and shapes that are created. Well, I am not going to re-write or edit my artist statement for this series just yet, but I am going to start penciling some more thoughts as I have here.  Yeah, I do use a pencil, becasue I like the feel of it as I make a mark on paper.  And yes, I did a lot of drawing before photography and that was what I did a lot of when I was very frustrated with photographic papers in the mid-1980’s. But I degress.

So I will take more photographs and do some more thinking about why I take the roads that I do and make the photographs I do.  Anybody know a good shrink??

Best regards, Doug

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