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December 18, 2007

Open to possibilities

Filed under: Photography — Doug Stockdale @ 5:02 pm

Expecting rain today, so I planned to stay off the dirt roads.  But no rain (yet), but it has made as far South as LA county. Surprise, instead there was fog!

Last night, since I was expecting rain, I also thought I could sleep in a little more as there probably be not much to photograph.  But sometimes a change in the weather creates other opportunities, things will look different, the light will be very different, there should be other things going on, so no sleeping in;- )

Finding the fog as I came into the Temecula Valley area of Riverside County, my first inclination was to drive to the Santa Rosa Plateau and work on some ‘pure’ landscape images as a change of pace. My second thought was to go back and further explore some areas that yesterday were a little difficult to photograph with that morning’s light.  When I opt to work on my series, then I know it has a hold on me.  So this morning, I was back mining the same small area in the Lake Elsinore area again.  I am glad I did.

I have some ideas about this series, but I also like to let the project flow, to slowly develop and evolve.  Much like the conversation that I had off-line with Colin last Spring; to have an idea to work on, to proceed with the work on the concept, but to be open to other possiblities as they occur.  Planning with serindepitity and chance. 

I do find that when I come across a spot that causes me to stop and look, I usually see a composition that I immediately want to try. I find that I also have an idea of the subsequent tonal qualities that I could create in a black and white image of that composition. Trite, but I would label that pre-visualization. But once I stop, I start exploring and keep making additional compositional adjustments and exposures. And sometimes my final exposure is the composition that I end up selecting for subsequent image development.

So my advice, stay open to the possiblities, you can never tell how it may turn out.

Best regards, Doug

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