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December 16, 2007

Foundations Folio – Update 3

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Old Snow

Old Snow, Big Bear Mountain, 1978  (from the folio Foundations)

Well, slowly everything is coming together for my first folio.  I have almost resolved the folio cover issue, as I will use the really nice folio cover from Light Impressions (LI). My hand made folio covers were really awful. Really Awful!  As to how to identify the folio with the LI cover, I recalled the art pens for writing on material.  The lenin material of the folio cover is fairly smooth, so should be okay for me to write directly on the folio cover.  Now to figure out which color and pen tip style, but I am leaning towards a silver ink with the medium or fine tip.  So in the next couple of days, I will be back at Aaron Brothers art store to consider my options.

I continue to update my web site with information about the folio, my reasons for making this folio in an Edition and making sure that the images of the folio have been updated to reflect how to best display the image.  When I first developed my web site at the begining of the year, I was very inexperienced and since I have learned a couple of things of how to put my best foot forward regarding my image display.

I still continue to consider making the print size of the 7 x 9″ images (on 8-1/2 x 11″ rag) being only available through my folios.

As to the folio pricing, I am thinking that I want to make these more affordable as a collection of my work.  And make the cost of the covers and the shipping inclusive of the folio price. I am also thinking that the first printing of the the Foundation First Edition Folio will probably be ten sets.

So now I am working on printing the artists proof (A/P) for the folio and making sure that the final presentation really reflects what I want to make available. When the A/P is done, then off to purchase the paper and order the folio covers and interleaving tissues.  So this may be my printing project for that time between Christmas and New Years.

Thank you all for your support in this project, as the interest list for this Editioned Folio is growing!

Best regards, Doug

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