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December 13, 2007

Folio update 2

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As it has been pointed out before, I seem to be easily distracted as I now continue to work out the bugs for an Editioned Folio.  Okay, unsaid was the fact that the California State Board of Equilization would like me to send them some money for sales taxes collected, but I have to sell something first. hmmm. I also have my eye on a 24″ wide HP Z3100 printer as well, but it is time that I pay for it from my art income. Same issue.

Selecting the 12 images was the easier part as I have been looking at these for many years now and they are my favorites.  Now I have completed the folio cover sheet, the artist statement/introduction (now posted on my web site here), a colophon (fancy word for the folio/portfolio technical sheet) and the Certificat of authenticity.  These will probably be printed on Epson Enhanced Matte or what ever the current version of this paper is.

 For the prints, a quick sanity check for the thickness of the loose prints, on the 190 gm rag, I have a 1/4″ thick stack and printing on the 300 gm rag, I am at 5/8″ thick stack, thus I can go either way for the folio covers under consideration.  I personnally like the 300 gm rag prints.

As to the folio cover, I have a couple of options; pre-made and available from Light Impressions, custom made with my printing rep or totally hand made.  So here is where I am:

 I did receive the pre-made 8-1/2 x 11″ folio cover sample that I ordered from Light Impressions and it is very, very nice.  For my folio cover, it is the most expensive option, maybe getting it down to $16.00 USD buying 10 or more at a time (also reduce shipping cost). And it looks nice. But how to identify the folio on the outside of the cover? I still have not overcome that hurdle yet with this option.

I did receive a cost from my print rep, but I need to buy a minimum of one box of Gilbert paper (250 sheets), a two-up cutting die for making two folios from each sheet and order the 500 folio cover minimum. That will be about a $2,000 investment.  But at the moment, I need only 10 folio covers to get started with the first Edition.  One a piece price basis, a lot less expensive, but as a total investment to get started, Yikes, way toooo expensive.  That makes the $160 for the 10 folio covers from Archival Supplies (the cheaper price than Light Impressions) look pretty good at the moment.

Last twist, my handmade and hand-crafted folio cover. While doing the reverse engineering the folio cover design, I completed a simple little die-line drawing to get 2 folio covers out of a 22 x 30″ sheet.  Then at Aaron Brothers art store I bought a couple sheets of Canson Mi-Teintes Drawing paper, which is 98 lb (160 gm), acid free and made from 66% rag content. And available in a lot of colors.  So I am going to cut out a template, see if it works and potentially use it to create 10 more copies, of which I will then use my handy-dandy sissors to cut them out.  At a price of $1.0o each, plus tax.  That will be a $10.00 investment plus some of my time.  Totally hand crafted!

Best regards, Doug

Update: I had better figure out a better way to make the handmade folios, my option 3 above, because my first attempt was what I would call really ugly. Not doubt that it is hand-made, but I would not call hand-crafted. Hand-crafted would imply that a craftsman made it, Nope!  Okay, I’ll try again tonight.

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