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December 9, 2007

The first folio: Foundations, landscapes 1975 – 1985

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Icy Creek

As I contemplated an Editioned Folio as an alternative to my privately published book for Bad Trip – Sad Trip, it dawned on me that I have another option.

I have a number of images from my earlier landscape work, which dates between 1975 to 1985 that I have been thinking about lately. So why not make that my first folio? More about that soon, but I believe that I will name the body of work Foundations.

I think that a smaller 12 image project like this will be a better way to work out the Folio kinks versus a large series of 48 images like Bad Trip – Sad Trip.

And I realized that my web site and image files needed a Photoshop CS3 update and I wanted to give the folio images my current warm tone.

And now I need to think about e-commerce, probably PayPal, folio covers, pricing and all that good stuff;- )

Best regards, Doug

Opps! I forgot to state that this image, Icy Creek, Big Bear is one of 12 images that I am going to include in my Editioned folio Foundations.

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