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November 24, 2007

Travel log recollections: Shanghai

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Weddding album photo - Shangahi

I did not have the ability to leave travel log comments on my blog after arriving in China, thus there is a two week gap in my writings.  The trip into Shanghai from Hong Kong did not start on the right foot.

One of my goals during this three trip, was to spend some time writing about my artistic statements for the various series that I have in progress. So during the 12 hours to Frankfurt and during my stay in Marburg, Germany, I did take the opportunity to get my raw thoughts about each series down on paper.  On the 6 hour flight from Frankfurt to Hong Kong, I wrote a little more. Then in Hong Kong, I found the recently copy of Focus magazine (almost 20 bucks) and added that to my travel readings. So far so good and perhaps you already see where this is heading.  So a two hour layover in Hong Kong and then the three and half hour flight to Shanghai.  I did take out my notes for more thinking and writing, but feel asleep instead.  So when the flight landed in Shanghai, I awoke and stumbled out of the plane, 12 hours flying and 6 time zone changes.  Yep, I left all of my notes that I had collected as well as the Focus magazine in the seat back of the plane.  I did not realize it until I stated to unpack at the Marriott Yangtze in Shanghai, but TOO late. Grrrrr.

So, I stated off my China trip in Shanghai trying to write down and remember all those wonderful things that I had written.  Or at least I am pretty sure that it was insightful and wonderful. Oh, well.

Across the street from the hotel I was staying is a nice little park and on Sundays, it is absolutely filled with couples, kids, families and many newlyweds getting their photo pictures taken.  At one time, there must have been about 12 couples, trying to get their individual photos taken while not getting the other wedding parties included in the photographs.  It was very amusing to watch, especially what they thought were the correct posses to take.  And lots of digital and video cameras.  It made for a nice Sunday afternoon.

Best regards, Doug

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