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November 24, 2007

Contemporary Chinese Photography

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Contemporary Chineese Photo1

After posting this image yesterday after using my Black and White mojo, I found myself thinking about how this would look if I stayed with a color image. Interesting image, no?

I also found myself thinking about the Contemporary Chinese Photography that seems to be popular at the moment, but this is after the fact, not while I was making the photographs.  For this and the other similar images I made, I was very interested in how the bride and groom were dressed very ‘Western’, the trailing wedding party, the photographic teams, and the posing of the bride and groom in the context of this park.  The couple’s photographer is probably going to great lengths to eliminate the background ‘clutter’ of the buildings and the fisherman along the lake.

Also thinking that I usually do not photograph people, that the human element is frequently missing, implied, but missing from my images.  The reason, I do not feel comfortable in taking ‘snapshots’ of people, although I find images of people to be interesting.  But in this case, these were people who were already getting their pictures taken, so it is not like they did not want their picture taken, eh?  So as I was taking this and other photographs, I kept getting eye contact with the bride and groom, who both began smiling, perhaps that I was take their photograph also.  I could only follow up with a nice ‘XeiXei’ (Thank you) and smile.  My follow on words of ‘Congraduations’ was sometimes replied with a very warm English ‘Thank you’ in reply.  Nice.

Maybe I broke through my people picture taking barrier.  Now I just have to find a lot of wedding parties where I can photograph the bride and groom being photographed.  For some reason, I think this is going to be a narrow field of fine art photography;- )

Best regards, Doug

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