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November 17, 2007

Travel log: I left China today

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South Lake, JiaXing

South Lake, JiaXing, China

I left Shanghai this morning and I am currently at my four hour layover in the Tokyo Airport and guess what?  I can access my blog again!!

You might say that I have a few things to post and comment about.  But the first is the ‘radio silence’ of all blogs in China.  I tried for the first week to try to figure a way around the buggers, but I eventually gave up. Oh, well it did make me realize that I might be addicted to the blogging, not being able to post a daily image or thought was almost as bad as not getting access to email, but yes, I did have access to email.

The thing is, I will need to be back in China again, perhaps as soon as in three weeks.  My client project for a technology transfer did not go smoothly.  But that whole issue is for a different audience.  But the take away is that I need to figure out a process to get images and thougths over to this blog, so I will nooodle on that for a bit.

Besides not being able to post (my exception in a moment), I was also not able to access most of the other blogs, for the same reason.  Since I was able to view and post to the collaborative blog Stills (see blogroll) that I participate in, I think that I  have broken their code.  The China internet will not allow any web sites that are two words with a dot seperation, e.g. as they have determined that this is a blog web addresss.  If the blog is administered directly from a web site, such as Stills, it is not blocked!  Although Stills uses the Blogger front end, the actual blog is admin by Colin from his server, thus the trancated web site name does not get dedicted.  So that is another alternative, manage my blog from my own server. hmmmm. NOT.  That is beyond my capablities and interest, sorry.

Well, I have some other admin tasks to manage, such as approve some other nice comments and do some blog reading….as well as I have one more great thing to announce shortly…

Best regards, Doug

By the way, I did try one experiement that I had to check before adding this note, since I could access Blogger front panel to get to Stills, I then tried to set up a new blog ( on Blogger as a work around.  Well that was a good news, bad news event. I was able to set up the new blog, with an original name (NOT!), chose a template, and then post some images.  BUT I was still not able to see the results!! darn. BooBang!  So I had no idea of how it was looking until just a moment ago.  Well using that blog site is an alternative, but much like bowling in the dark, roll the ball but you have no idea of what pins you knocked down.  So perhaps I will try to improve that blog as my back up plan?? Is that going to be a pain for you all???  Oh well, some more things to noodle about, but in the meantime, I will continue to keep that blog as a back up plan…..

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