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November 2, 2007

Path Not Taken

Filed under: Photography — Doug Stockdale @ 4:29 pm

Path Not Taken

I took a very long walk this morning and I only got lost twice, not bad!  So in the early afternoon when I returned to the hotel for a potty break, I asked for a local map at the front desk. Duh!

Anyhow, I had made this image about mid morning, before stopping for a cup of kaffe and tried to get an Apple Struddel, but appareantly that is a Bavarian treat.  I now understand why we enjoyed our three month assignment in Munich a little better. So I still purchased an apple thing, which was not bad, but not the same. It was during one of those ‘lost’ moments. So after some proper nurishment, I was able to get my bearings. No sun and still overcast, thus this former Boyscout can still get lost.  The good news in this town is once you find signs to the castle (Schloss), you can find your way back.

Internet service is an issue in the hotel, so making piece meal additions to this post. I’ve already completed one set, then to lose the connection and lose what I had added. Grrrrr

This afternoon after heading back towards the castle because I wanted to repeat some of my night images in the ‘daylight’, it started to mist and drizzle. And my umbrella was back in the hotel. Oh well.  But I made the most of it and I’ll work on one or two of the images tonight.

Martin commented earlier today about my images that I have made while I am in Germany.  I do find most of Europe exotic, especially from the perspective that my city is less than 15 years old and my house is about 12 years old.  Southern California is realitely new compared to most of the Europe cities.  Thus I bring with me ‘different’ eyes than if I was born here.  I will see things differently, but I also am attacted to certain things that will stop me as I cruise through the area.  I find doors, windows, pathways, cobblestone roads, old brick or stone walls very fasinating.  Wonderful textures that reflect the light in very unique ways.  Perhaps while I like these things should be left to a shrink, because I don’t know.  Perhaps they represent alternatives, decisions, options, journeys and other similar things.  As well as the textures are very different than what we have available.  Add to that, Southern California is almost a desert, so any abundance of vegetation is very interesting.

As to this image, two paths, two alternatives, two different decisions. One is straight and narrow, the other is full of bends.  (And as my little brother would start to sing, “you take the high road and I take the low road…etc, etc.”) A nice little metaphor, as well as a bunch of wonderful textures and the image allows my mind to wander….

Best regards, Doug

BTW, technical update, but as Colin has made changes to the blog Stills (see Blogroll), we can now post images 750 wide (vs 650 wide), as I will sometimes post the same image in both places, when I want to get additional image feedback.

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