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October 29, 2007

Travel log: passing through London

Filed under: Photography — Doug Stockdale @ 2:08 pm

Well, since I am not able to post images, I just might give you some updates on this three week venture. If you all yell too much, I will not post and save you some misery, otherwise, it’s a nice distraction;- )

Currently I just landed in London Heathrow to make a transfer to Frankfurt. Nice flight, but AA still not up to speed for International long distance travel.  I’m not sure that they will get it. Meanwhile, I will take advantage of Cathay Pacific from Frankfurt to Hong Kong and then up to Shanghai, and then JAL to Tokyo and back to Los Angeles.

There is one British photo magazine, Black and White Photography, that I see occasionally, so I did pick the current issue in a magazine stall for reading later when I can’t sleep due to the time zone changes will play havoc with my body & brain. I was hoping to find the magazine Ag but that is probably too much to hope for at an Airport terminal. That magazine (Ag) is even harder to find in the USA.

Well, okay, gotta run, it’s getting close to lift off time for Frankfurt.  And I didn’t even get a ‘spot of tea’ whilst I was about.

Best regards, Doug

Update: appears that the clock in the British Airways lounge did not properly reflect the time change that occured over the weekend.  So I had a Harry Potter moment when I found the lounge ‘trolley’, some nice cherry cakes but no chocolate frogs. darn. And I opted for the cappicanio to give me a morning wakeup jolt with the time change, my body says 6am, they seem to think its 2pm in London. What do they know? Okay, perhaps one more little cake for the road to go with my new caffine buzzz ;- )

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