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October 14, 2007

My Hand Made Book – Step 5

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Santa Suzanna Pass

Santa Suzanna Pass  (from the series Bad Trip – Sad Trip)

With the delivery of the Moab Entrada Natural, I have printed the first eight pages (4 sheets/leaves) of the dummy book.  I also have a blank dummy that I had used earlier for determing the total of amount of pages, which I am now using to keep track of my production notes (Epson 4800 page set up for each image).

As I was preparing to print page 2, which is the back of page 1, I realized that I did not like the sequencing, so I did a small reorganization of the pages 2-5.  Difficult to understand while reading this, but just means that I will now be completing another series of image sequencing tweaks as I complete the(second?) dummy.

Thoughts on the Entada Natural; overall I like it.  It has a nice drape while laying in your hands, it just feels nice to the touch. In fact, the Natural feels nicer than the Bright, which due to its Optical Brightner coating, may be making the Bright slightly stiffer. I also note an every so slight texturing of the surface and it almost appears that one side of the sheet has a slightly smoother texture than the other.  That may be due to the production of the rag medium, but it is not objectable.

There is a slight warmth to the Natural which works very well with my “sepia” warm image toning, which is to say, I got lucky! One of the distractions with my digital toning is that the “white” highlights are determined by the underlying paper color, thus with the Bright rag, my prints had a tonal shift in the hightlights.  With the warmth of the Natural rag, the highlight tonal shift is not as accentuated and looks a lot nicer.  Since I have a big tendency to tone my black and white images as I have for this series, I am now thinking that the Entrada Natural may become my medium of choice for my final fine art prints.  So I am planning to purchase some of the larger 17 x 22″ 300 gram Entrada Natural when I return next month from my Germany and China trip.

Best regards, Doug

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