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October 14, 2007

Creative Camera

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Suitcase on the bed

Suitcase on the Bed  (from the series Insomnia – Hotel Noir)

I have noticed recently that I have been having some visits to my blog from a web site called Weeping Ash, hosted by Roy Hammans. Upon checking out why I was getting linked in (ya all remember my interesting foray with the Large Format group), I found a wonderful collection of information about the British magazine Creative Camera.

Wow, this took me back many years when I was buying Creative Camera magazine as part of my photographic inspiration.  So I went out to my library stacks (yes, the garage book shelf) and pulled out the 19 issues that I had purchased between 1969 to 1976 when I had let my subscription lapse. If I recall, I was also buying the magazine Camera, published from Switzerland.

Finding Creative Camera magazine on the US magazine racks was a big issue, usually I bought these magazines in the better camera retail stores or emerging photographic galleries. Thus the decision to buy a subscription thru Light Impressions in 1975.  Which is about the time I took a zone system workshop and my subject matter shifted from my street images to the natural landscape, from 35mm to first large then medium format cameras.

When I first bought the magazine, is was a whopping $ 0.75 USD (yep, 75 cents) and then the price gradually increased over the next six years to $2.50 USD and it was going up again.  Perhaps a bargin at todays prices, but at the time, seemed like it was getter pretty expensive.

Also interesting to note that the reason that I let my subscripton lapse was due to the publication of images that are now similar in thought as to my current series and projects. hmmmm. I think I forgot to mention in my bio the influence of this thin little magazine!

I have continued to relocate these magazines with me with each move we make.   Increasingly, I find myself thinking that it may be time for me to part company with them, as I do not find myself looking at them anywhere as often as I once did. Nevertheless, for this next business trip, I am driving, so I think that I’ll bring them along to wonder throught them again over the next couple of days;- )

Best regards, Doug

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  1. Hi Doug, Thanks for the reference and link to my site!
    You are not alone in being inspired by Creative Camera magazine all those years ago. There is nothing to quite compare with it these days, but then perhaps we don’t need it now that its work is done and the web has brought all the ‘closet photographers’ out to share their exploits with the world.

    You experienced it during its best years, which also happens to be about the time I started reading it (I note that we are very close in age!). Later in its life it became less ‘accessible’ and I stopped buying it (prices were just as exorbitant in the UK, but then they never did sell many copies). A few years ago, mindful of its influence on so many, I decided to try and fill the gaps in my collection – and ended up collecting nearly the whole set. Many I’ve found in the U.S. I am now only 16 issues short of the entire print run from 1964 to 2001. If you do sell, do let me know which issues you have, they may include some I still lack. My ultimate goal is to index the entire set as, to my knowledge, no-one has ever done that.

    I discovered your site only recently and am pleased to have done so. I now subscribe, so keep it up! I like both your images and writings, but I think I found you because of your foray into book self-publishing, which is something I am endeavoring to do also.
    Regards, Roy

    Comment by Roy — October 15, 2007 @ 7:03 pm

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