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October 11, 2007

Photo of the Day; alternative view

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3 New Communities

Three New Communities  (From the series: Transitional Seam)

The image posted above, was made just after the image below in my earlier post today. I’m still looking at the two images to determine which provides the best rendition of what I was trying to capture, the transitional state of this region of the California Inland Empire.  Old Empire homestead homes giving way to “new communities” of tighly organized tract homes.

But of note is that the earlier image in the post below was created on my laptop running sloooow with a Pentium III and the image above was created with my desktop sytem in the studio.  I am trying to work out the bugs with my portable for the process of creating posts while I am in Germany and China.  I like what I was able to create with the desktop better, but that may be because with the 5 year old + monitor on my portable, I was not able to “see” very well what I was trying to achieve with PS3. hmmmm.

I did realize after the fact that on my portable I had converted my RAW image into an 8 bit image, not a 16 bit image for editing.  So I can easily make that adjustment for the next attempt.  I had earlier calibrated the monitor for the portable, so I can not make any improvements on that front.  And I can not run out and buy a new protable, and if I had those funds, I’d rather spend that money on a new Canon 5D camera body and a 24 – 70 mm L lens.

Okay, I have a little more time this evening, so I can squeeze out a couple of prints with the Moab Entrada Natural that I received yesterday;- )

Best regards, Doug

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