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October 7, 2007

Doing a lot of sorting & printing today

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Canyon Tracks

Canyon Tracks  (from the series: Bad Trip – Sad Trip)

Initially this was not looking like a good printing day. First was the effects of the Brat and saurekraut from yesterdays lunch (fermented cabbage, you don’t want to go there, it was memory flashbacks to living in Munich).  Then my Cyan nozzle clogged and while trying to get that working, the Magenta nozzle decided to go on strike as well. grrrrrr.

Then to make maters worse, just as my two ink jet nozzles on my 4800 were getting to like me again, I ran out of capacity with the 4800’s mantenance tank, so the printer froze on me, and me without a replacement tank.  And I was not sure that I could make the drive to my closest store without a stop in between (remember the effects of the cabbage?).

Okay, things were settling down, I made the drive and bought their last Maintenance tank that was in inventory and made it back home.  I then replaced the maintenance tank, did a nozzle check and the printer then infomed me that I was out of Cyan pigment ink. BUT I did have a replacement cartridge because I had already noticed that it was getting low.

As I continue to sort my images for the series Bad Trip – Sad Trip for the book layout, I also find more prints with weak blacks and one with the tipsy corner. So I have been readjusting the curves levels on a number of prints and reprinting.

Thus I am reposting this image (Canyon Tracks) again with the adjusted shadows. The tracks to the deep canyon have become more aparent and the image takes on a little more ominous mood for me.  This is one of those cause and effect images.   Probably in reality, most of these tracks were made by a tow truck trying to pull the wreakage out of the canyon.

The good news for this afternoon is that not only have I completed the first pairing but also the fist image sequencing for my book.  I will let it set while I print some more and then I will look at the sequencing again later tonight.  Then tomorrow I will take my first try at printing the dummy book with the two side Entrada that I bought (and NO the paper I ordered on-line is still a no-show at the front door).

Best regards, Doug


  1. I can’t recall whether you have said that you recently got the Epson or have had it for some time. But, since it has been giving you fits, I wondered why you momentarily considered the HP, but went for the Brat and sauerkraut, instead? (You did save a considerable amount of money.) I read these posts about the printer wars with avid interest and am curious about your commitment to the Epson. Of course, even if you had flirted with the idea of changing printers, now would not be the time to make that sort of move. You have enought to juggle at the moment.

    Comment by Anita Jesse — October 8, 2007 @ 10:30 pm

  2. Yes the Brat was much cheaper. I’ve had my Epson 4800 for almost two years, but I have been thinking about upsizeing to either a 24″ wide or more probably the 44″ wide. The really nice thing about the HP Z3100 is the ability to do either matter or luster/gloss instantaneously (nope, Epson can’t do that with either the 4800, 9600 or the 9800) and I like the idea of the HP built in RIP and paper spectrometer to calibrate any new papers. and I’m not really ready to do anything about this printer upgrade until at least after the first of the year;- )

    Comment by Doug Stockdale — October 9, 2007 @ 4:10 am

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